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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

Mutta and the other applicants watch a short clip of current NASA astronauts training for their mission to the moon. Zero gravity does look really fun and would take up the opportunity if possible. Though I'd prefer to leave Earth's gravity than to plummet dangerously. Mutta should really have been thinking about how others, like Serika, would be thinking about him and his brother. I'm sure anyone would be jealous of Hibito, but they obviously haven't met Serika.

Zero gravity
Serika is better

Interview two starts and both Kenji and Serika seem to have done really well. Even Mutta thinks he did well other than the English question. After all of them finish with their interview, they find their way to portraits of NASA members and vow to be on the same wall. Marking it won't guarantee that spot no matter how much you want it especially because you make more bubbles with shampoo.

The vision lacks validity

I can see Kenji and Serika easily getting through and I assume Mutta will too. Though there may be other paths to becoming an astronaut. To commemorate the long exam ending, a photograph is taken. Mutta has to make is awkward by making a kiss face and thinking of Serika.

Pink is a beautiful colour

With everything over, the best thing to do is to get drunk with new friends. If Mutta still had his phone, he'd be able to join in too. Adding insult to injury Serika goes ahead and continues to exchange information. Thanks to Kenji, he can mail Serika as soon as he gets a new phone. Oh and Kenji has a ring which means Mutta has no real competition. Nobodies and side characters don't count in anime romance.

I want her number
He's married? Hope to see the wife

Once Mutta has his new phone, he immediately gets a call. Assuming he kept his original number, it was always going to be his family or a wrong number and certainly not Serika. Hibito invites him to NASA to meet aome astronauts.

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-blacksheep said... [reply]

hmmm... I completely missed Kenji's wedding ring. So yeah, looks like Mutta won't have any rivals with Serika. Nice :3

Rei said... [reply]

Say what I didn't see the wedding ring as well. I guess I should mention that with some credits to you on my next uchuu kyoudai post if Kenji is in the anime :p

Good find there. And this show never fails. Simply awesome.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I don't think he'll be in the next episode, but I expect him to be back at some point.

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