Thursday, 31 May 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

As we found out from the preview last week, the letters Hibito had written were wills to his family. It causes Mutta a nightmare where him and Hibito are falling to their deaths because the parachute won't open. Does this mean he wants to go with Hibito to the moon? He's already decided to go to Mars as a way to be ahead, but being with friends and family is also worth a lot. I don't expect the wills to come up again until the time Mutta has to write his own.

Say goodbye to space brothers

The ISS space station passes over Japan which is a great chance for space enthusiasts. It's even better that Serika and Kenji also saw it too. Mutta should be grateful for Kenji instead of despising him for including himself in the moment. I bet many more also witnessed it's orbit that same night.

Viewing the ISS
Viewing the ISS

I noticed the ring in episode 4 and we finally get to see Kenji's wife and daughter. Kenji is a lucky man with such a beautiful wife and cute girl. She might be a messy eater now, but someday she'll be just as beautiful as her mother. Too bad Kenji will miss out on them growing up, but there are always video messages depending where he actually ends up. Considering the static from the space station, Mars is bound to be much worse.

Kenji's wife
Kenji's daughter

The astronaut candidates meet up again to congratulate all the successful. We all knew Mutta, Serika and Kenji would succeed, but the other two aren't important. Unless they influence the story, I don't plan on learning their names either. It is annoying for the two that refer to him as Hibito's brother. They really are jerks to think it's thanks to Hibito instead of his skills and Apo. Everyone else seems to give him respect so two people don't really matter.

Ka-pe ^_^

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

It was unexpected to find out the girls also washed ashore the same as Rick and Kaguya. I wonder just how many of the islanders have actually washed ashore They might also have had memory loss, but they don't seen to be searching for any lost memories. They enjoy their life with Rick and the islanders or we wouldn't see their cute smiles every episode. Baking bread seems fun and hand delivering it everyday only adds to the enjoyment. An eat in service is only going to improve sales because the men only want to see the cute girls.

I'm here for you, not the tea

He visits Xiao Mei to set everything straight. He knew it was her and wanted answers to why she would steal. He didn't ask her in a threatening way to confront her or try to reason with her to stop. Instead, he goes straight to her reason for stealing. She considers herself a modern day robin hood at least in the subtitles, even though I question his existence in a fantasy world. She's certainly not evil shown by the help with the children. Though stealing something because it's locked up serves as a simplistic reason, but her attempts do offer some challenge.

Xiao Mei plus
equals cute smiles
Toys plus children

He leaves with the big question of who he should be, a knight or a baker. Both of them reap their benefits especially as a baker with three cute girls, it just lacks the sense of adventure. At the moment, he has no incentive to leave the island, but given the opportunity, I believe he will leave to unlock his memories and past.

Adventure awaits

Kaguya is doing much better after her long rest. Every time she was visited, she would wake up, eat some bread and immediately fall back to sleep. If Rick decides to leave the island, I'm sure she will also follow him as well as the other girls. If Kaguya can fight, it'll be even more interesting.

Won't eat bread? preposterous
She can now eat all she wants

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

The scream from last episode made it seem like he was raped by Nyaruko, but I was right to expect Mahiro to have his trusty fork available all the time. I wouldn't have complained if  Nyaruko had succeeded, but then Kuko and Hasuta would be left out. With Kuko's flag being hit It could turn into a harem ending, but she's too devoted to Nyaruko to ever change. Nyaruko should have learnt not to rape Mahiro or at least to tie him down before she wakes him up.

Virginity secured
Mahiro made her cry

With a choice between Nyahiro or Myaruko,  I'm not sure why they'd merge their names when they both sound ridiculous. Neither Hasuta or Kuko will give up which will make it perfect for Hasuta to take the fake baby and live with Mahiro while Kuko takes Nyaruko back.

The thought of grandchildren
The dream wedding

After losing her job in the gaming industry, Ruuhii moves into a food business at the seaside. No matter how good the quality of the meat, the fact it's alien just ruins your appetite. If he'd have tasted it before realising the contents, he would have realised there is good food pretty much anywhere in the universe. Though I do wonder how Ruuhii gets the food imported, her finance statements must make obvious.

It does look tasty despite the ingredients

I am confused to how Nyaruko hasn't realised his detest yet after she is in the same position with Kuko. The forks, running away and avoiding her all the time should make it obvious. It's the same with Kuko, but perhaps it's more about stupidity, arrogance and lust. Mahiro needs to be nicer to the delicate Nyaruko, then they can finally start a real relationship when he realises just how nice she really is. Kuko can then be like a mistress to Nyaruko while Hasuta is Mahiro's.

Fun at a festival

After she realising her romance is one sided, she seems to have changed for the better even if she's faking it. Instead of wishing for a baby with Mahiro, she wants to simply be with him forever. Nyaruko's feelings are real even if her true intentions will never change and she will probably revert to how she was before, but like this Mahiro could easily fall for her.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 8 discussion

Episode 7 discussion can be viewed here

So he actually went and used violence accidentally and headbutted the criminal, but it wasn't some brave event, he was running away and overkilled after Apo had taken him out. I was wrong, very wrong. I never expected Mutta to seriously be the type to leave an old couple in danger and in the worst case scenario, possibly even die. Even if he did intentionally get up to run away, he does have some act of kindness by going to save Apo even though he wouldn't need any help.

Just smile and wave

After all this bad luck Mutta has gone on about including his birth during the failed football world cup, the Zidane headbutt and his boss badly harming his chances of finding another job, he finally got some good luck. Although we know he is no hero, he did make it look like he was one. If he had told the truth, I'm sure JAXA and even Hoshika would have given the spot to Sawaki. It's lucky he can't help but act big in front of pretty girls. Mutta is better in every field other than psychological, but I can't help but feel sorry for Sawaki since he just lost out on his position.

Hibito knows the truth
Anything for the ladies

There are obvious places where the characters should be speaking English. The two American girls certainly won't be speaking Japanese which probably means the talk show will probably be in English too. Mutta helped teach Hibito English so he'll be fine and I'm sure Mr Smith is from America but knows Japanese. The characters are just speaking Japanese to make it easier. I'm not sure the other astronauts can understand Japanese since they have Hibito translate the parents video message for them.

The video message contains his results of the second test. As expected his passed because of his skills and especially his actions in America. Anyone would be happy being one step closer to making their dream a reality, Mutta just has to express himself physically.

Good news

Mutta has now gotten a message from Serika which will hopefully he the first of many. He thinks she's the reason for him passing, but I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion. He may have tried harder because he likes her, but Hibito is a better source of determination. Besides, she had nothing to do with the America incident, that was all thanks to Apo. She did make it easy for him to find Hibito's wills. Death isn't really something you would first think of for astronauts.  It should be much safer than previous incidents, but no system is perfect.

One reason to why he passed

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Xaoi Mei is acting kind of distracted. She doesn't seem too bothered about losing all the treasure from two episodes ago. Then again she does have fish shaped bread to eat, any cat girl would enjoy that. To think Neris would offer cat shaped bread, it's basically cannibalism.

Fish bread ♥

The moment the episode showed more interest in Xaoi Mei, I knew she'd be important to the episode. She probably has something more on her mind than stealing back the treasure taken by the knights. My guess is she wants something specifically from the castle though she's a mystery right now.


Rick and the girls get a request for bread from the castle's maid, Lorna Murasame. She is the cute clumsy girl with amazing skills in the kitchen and other maid activities. At the castle, an abnormally large amount of guards are stationed around the castle for the same reason Lagunas and Lufina requested bread from the bakery. Rick is requested to protect the castle from Black Tail who is obviously Xaoi Mei from the name alone.

Lorna Murasame
The clumsy type

Finally we have them arming themselves. Rick has a sword and his skills from before he lost his memories while Neris has a bow and arrows. Xaoi Mei must be looking for something in the castle, but after Rick's interference, she shouldn't try again any time soon. Xaoi Mei doesn't seem bad so I'm sure she has her reasons which may be why Rick is keeping quiet about her identity.

I knew it

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Nyaruko and Kuko face off against each other for the second time. It quickly comes to a close once Nyaruko allegedly throws swimsuit pictures of herself. Naturally Kuko pounces at the chance for even a glimpse at the pictures. I'm not sure why Kuko believed her unless she really can't sense Nyaruko's detest. It was the perfect chance to defeat her after all as soon as she jumped, she basically had no guard. Then the pictures would have been free even if they are Mahiro, although she was very cute.

Kuko vs Nyaruko

After everything that happened to make us think some evil plot was going on, it turns out to simply be to help with game hardware development, the Xoth 731. Even with little knowledge of gaming, I understand business and the higher priced goods are always harder to sell especially considering the current economic climate. Considering Ruuhii Jisuton doesn't even know this, I wonder how much research she's done. No wonder she gets laid off. Although the moment she finds out this, she loses her strong personality and becomes a little more timid.

Cuter under pressure

Ruuhii snaps and activates the console. Despite her clear act of revenge, she doesn't mean any harm. Yoriko demonstrates her deity hunting powers against the brain controlled demons. Kuko has a heart breaking moment in which she destroys Xoth 731. Aw, she needs a hug. I'm up for it, though Nyaruko is a better candidate.

Cute winning pose
Use Nyaruko to cheer yourself up

With everything finished with, Hasuta returns home to stop his father from involving Yoriko only to then transfer to Mahiro's school. Hasuta chooses Yasaka as his last name so maybe they can end up as brothers instead. They're all going to have so much fun together ♥ starting with the beach and hot springs. All of them plan to get closer to the one they like even if their love won't be returned.

The cutest transfer
Go for it Hasuta

I can't help but overlook that Hasuta is a boy, he's just so cute. I don't see why he'd follow Nyaruko's orders not to bathe with Mahiro since he does like him. He needs to ignore Nyaruko and just go for it. Later that night, Nyaruko sneaks into Mahiro's room and probably rapes him. I'm not sure, he should have his trusty fork on him at all times, but I guess he's finally a man.

Becoming a man
I'm waiting Nyaruko

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Ah, Serika

Rollin' Mutta is where he multitasks while concentrating really hard after something bad has happened. He takes in useless information just to forget whatever it is that has caused him problems. No matter how hard he tries, he will eventually have to accept the problem and move on. Rollin' Mutta is just prolonging it. I can read and listen to 2 different things and I will remember the main information. It's a useful skill...

Rollin' Mutta, blocking out the bad memories

Hibito is training under blind conditions in which he has memorised the whole layout of the ship and must clear space dust. We all know Mutta could ace this test given his awesome memory and his special skill to notice anything wrong and fix it. He'd notice the small details and could clear out all the space dust. It's not my fault I'm biased to the main character,  he deserves it and will make a great astronaut. In the café with the old couple, he only makes it more obvious with his memory.

 Mutta finally comes clean about the realistic chances of him getting into JAXA. Hibito will find out later if he really will succeed or not. He understands his use of violence was justified, but still harmed his chances.

Bubbles makes Apo cuter

Regardless of Mutta's violence, Mass Hoshika still unfairly holds bias. Every opinion holds at least a little bias which makes it impossible to make a decision without personal feelings, but we can go by our gut instinct while a computer must go by logic alone. Even with Mutta's violence, he has the skills, intelligence and determination shown by his childhood. I can only imagine if he didn't headbutt his boss, he'd have been accepted. Then again, he probably wouldn't have left his job either.

I don't know if he used violence against the fire extinguisher criminal, but I can't see any other way for him to have gotten out of it. I doubt he ran away and just sitting idly by would be even harder considering the old couple. If he really did use violence, I can't see any realistic way for him to get into JAXA. I guess he could have used a special tactic which will only strengthen the reason for choosing him.

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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

This episode was filler and I'm not sure if it's in the game, but I bet it probably was. It didn't progress the story in any way, but it did introduce a cute tsundere called Melty with the typical Rie Kugimiya's voice and her familiar, Sorbet. She's an elf in witch cosplay making sweet ice cream.


Sorbet turns out to be one of the best customers buying sweet bread every day, but after this episode, ghis purchases are sure to decrease. Even if he becomes selective, stalking someone to find their home isn't right. Curiosity got the best of them and next time, they might just run into demons fitting to a graveyard. They mentioned weapons in the first episode, but we have yet to see them wield and go slay beasts. I like the bread theme, but it's about time we got some action. Next episode shows something interesting happening.

Sweet bread

Melty is on a top secret mission to create the ultimate ice cream. Outsiders are clearly not wanted even if she's clearly lonely. Whether Melty is a shut in because she's dedicated to the best flavour or because she's not good with people, it's important to branch out with other people. The bread sells so well because it's delicious, but also because three cute girls are always delivering it. Melty just needs a little more dere dere and she'll be set.

Lets heat things up

She visits the bakery to see how to really sell sweets. If you ever go stalking, never wear sunglasses as they are an obvious give away, unless you want to double bluff and make them think you aren't really stalking. Either way, a less conspicuous disguise would be better even though it seems she wasn't noticed anyway. Even changing her clothes would help. After all, no one changes their clothes in anime. Maybe the real difference between them is that they have customers unlike Melty.

Glasses are a give away

The girls visit Melty again with new sweet bread. This gives Melty enough inspiration to complete her ice cream and serve it for the first time. Of course her close friend Sorbet get the best ice cream being strawberry. I wonder if Melty will show up again, or if she'll actually contribute to the main story.

Like any tsundere, she warms up to them

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

Kuko pushes Hasuta onto Mahiro in another effort to get Nyaruko. I completely approve of this love even if Mahiro wouldn't. I'd still like to know if Hasuta could bare children, but to make things simple, I'll assume he can't. Even if they make a good couple, Nyaruko and Mahiro still make another great couple. Neither of them would be accepted by his mother as Hasuta wouldn't be a normal life either.

Anything for Nyaruko
Close to Mahiro

After Nyaruko's nonsense of Mahiro's mother somehow being Hasuta's mother too, Hasuta goes for the cliche "I don't want to be related, I'd rather be lovers". There's nothing wrong with it, but Mahiro just doesn't realise it or he's completely ignoring any possibility of Hasuta as a lover.

Be my lover, not my brother
Kuko's blessing

Mahiro's mother gets kidnapped or more like willingly goes with Ruuhii Jisuton so I can't really consider her a villain. It's something important that makes Yoriko and Kuko change their tones and fight Nyaruko to get back to their base. Mahiro noticed his mother's willingness, but I guess he's just being selfish. I'm sure if they knew what Yoriko was needed for, they'd have accepted it without any problem. If it is sonomium, she can't make any without holding Mahiro. Though anything is possible when we know nothing. I assume Yoriko isn't in any danger and would be able to return once she'd completed her use.

Ruuhii Jisuton
She must be loving this

Not knowing where they went to, they must wait until the planetary defence organisation tracks there location. This gives Hasuta a great chance to get a sneak peak of Mahiro's room. This is only the start, next he'll have to enter the bathroom with Mahiro. Nyaruko has already gotten that far and in Hasuta's case, the most Mahiro will do is tell him to leave or get out himself. He certainly won't get violent, that's where Nyaruko comes in.

Making Mahironium

The enemy base is located on an island in the middle of the ocean. I'm not sure how a car can be a pokémon, but it proves to be great transport underwater. They run into trouble resulting in Mahiro almost drowning and Hasuta giving his first kiss for CPR. Mouth to mouth is hardly romantic so Mahiro isn't at too much of a loss.

While you were asleep...
No count

Hasuta confesses his feelings to Mahiro. He makes an impossible condition where he will consider his feelings after 25 million years. I'm not sure if someone will figure out a way to live forever in Mahiro's lifetime, but this will make things slightly easier. This must mean deities live far longer than humans which will only lead to sorrow for Hasuta when Mahiro dies.

A promise you'll regret later

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