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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

Mahiro's mother, Yoriko Yasaka, returns home and takes longer than 40 seconds. It's not a big problem, but after stating an exact time, she should at least aim to get home in that time. It gave Mahiro enough time to clean up and get into a questionable position with Nyaruko and Kuko.

Questionable position

It turns out that she's actually a deity hunter and with two aliens in close proximity, protecting Mahiro is important. If he wanted to, he'd have been able to say they were enemies and he'd have been able to go back to living by himself. The only problems are he'd honestly miss Nyaruko and those demons might attack him again. Well, without seeing Yoriko's strength, I'm unsure if she'd be able to take on both of their CQC techniques. All I know is she's a sadist with forks and now we know where Mahiro gets it from.

Like mother like son
Ready to strike

Shanta is as cute as usual making him seem harmless. Wonder how she'd react if he was in his Charidactyl form. Though considering he's weak and without an order from Nyaruko, he's hardly a threat.

So cute
Who should I be jealous of?

Both Nyaruko and Kuko are pretty cute in their casual clothes as they explain their reason for being with Mahiro. Yoriko understands the situation, but I don't get the reason why she winked. She hugs Mahiro to replenish sonomium which is something made up to remove her sadness so it's just a cover to be close to her son. She does approve of Nyaruko and Kuko staying as they are protecting Earth so Mahiro probably won't be returning to normal life anytime soon. We also find out Kuko is a bit of a masochist, but only to Nyaruko. I think she really does love anything to do with Nyaruko.

Just a thought
Cute clothes
A reason to hold Mahiro

Nyaruko is quickly forced into the friend zone with Mahiro because Yoriko accepts them using her home, but when it comes to Mahiro, she'd prefer him to have a normal life. Too bad he's probably never going to return to his normal life so Nyaruko will have many chances to seduce him. The next chance is to show how well she can cook in a pink clothes and apron outfit while Kuko and Yoriko are busy playing games.

Fatal blow to my heart
Maybe I'll start liking games too

The last girl... or boy, Hasuta, shows up searching for Mahiro's mother. Even if he is a boy with a female voice actor, he's still cute and if he is aiming to kill Yoriko, I don't think it will go well. He seems kind hearted from when he bumped into Mahiro so if it's like that, he's being tricked.


It won't be hard for Hasuta to fall for Mahiro, though maybe it'll be more of a respect or appreciation to him. We know Nyaruko and Kuko can make a baby, but I'd think Hasuta could except that he's a boy. I should have realised his gender from him wearing the boys uniform in the opening and ending. I can't wait for when he transfers and how his grand entrance will be, though being younger, I wonder how it will work.

Lost until you find Mahiro
Fast food is delicious

Instead of Hasuta being the enemy and out for her life, a cute boy couldn't possible be bad, I'll go with the green hair woman being an assassin and hired either by his father or someone else to take out Yoriko. Yoriko could be a serious threat to all the dangerous aliens like nyaruko and especially the demons.

All you need to do is sit there and smile

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feal87 said... [reply]

Hastur is a male? A MALE? Are we serious?! :(

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Boys can be cute too, so I don't mind at all.

Overlord-G said... [reply]

As long as it gives Kuko more chances to have sex with Nyaruko and breed babies with her, I could care less about him being a trap.

@feal87: Your pain is my pleasure.

otaku23 said... [reply]

this traps is one of the gratest, i love him <3

Shizuo said... [reply]

Seriously, before watching this episode I thought he was a girl.

Apparently... "Trap", but he's pretty cute @_@

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