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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

The scream from last episode made it seem like he was raped by Nyaruko, but I was right to expect Mahiro to have his trusty fork available all the time. I wouldn't have complained if  Nyaruko had succeeded, but then Kuko and Hasuta would be left out. With Kuko's flag being hit It could turn into a harem ending, but she's too devoted to Nyaruko to ever change. Nyaruko should have learnt not to rape Mahiro or at least to tie him down before she wakes him up.

Virginity secured
Mahiro made her cry

With a choice between Nyahiro or Myaruko,  I'm not sure why they'd merge their names when they both sound ridiculous. Neither Hasuta or Kuko will give up which will make it perfect for Hasuta to take the fake baby and live with Mahiro while Kuko takes Nyaruko back.

The thought of grandchildren
The dream wedding

After losing her job in the gaming industry, Ruuhii moves into a food business at the seaside. No matter how good the quality of the meat, the fact it's alien just ruins your appetite. If he'd have tasted it before realising the contents, he would have realised there is good food pretty much anywhere in the universe. Though I do wonder how Ruuhii gets the food imported, her finance statements must make obvious.

It does look tasty despite the ingredients

I am confused to how Nyaruko hasn't realised his detest yet after she is in the same position with Kuko. The forks, running away and avoiding her all the time should make it obvious. It's the same with Kuko, but perhaps it's more about stupidity, arrogance and lust. Mahiro needs to be nicer to the delicate Nyaruko, then they can finally start a real relationship when he realises just how nice she really is. Kuko can then be like a mistress to Nyaruko while Hasuta is Mahiro's.

Fun at a festival

After she realising her romance is one sided, she seems to have changed for the better even if she's faking it. Instead of wishing for a baby with Mahiro, she wants to simply be with him forever. Nyaruko's feelings are real even if her true intentions will never change and she will probably revert to how she was before, but like this Mahiro could easily fall for her.

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feal87 said... [reply]

Mahiro's mom is now ok with Nyaruko marrying his child. I suppose THAT's a development...:D

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

What parent doesn't want grandchildren?

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