Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Xaoi Mei is acting kind of distracted. She doesn't seem too bothered about losing all the treasure from two episodes ago. Then again she does have fish shaped bread to eat, any cat girl would enjoy that. To think Neris would offer cat shaped bread, it's basically cannibalism.

Fish bread ♥

The moment the episode showed more interest in Xaoi Mei, I knew she'd be important to the episode. She probably has something more on her mind than stealing back the treasure taken by the knights. My guess is she wants something specifically from the castle though she's a mystery right now.


Rick and the girls get a request for bread from the castle's maid, Lorna Murasame. She is the cute clumsy girl with amazing skills in the kitchen and other maid activities. At the castle, an abnormally large amount of guards are stationed around the castle for the same reason Lagunas and Lufina requested bread from the bakery. Rick is requested to protect the castle from Black Tail who is obviously Xaoi Mei from the name alone.

Lorna Murasame
The clumsy type

Finally we have them arming themselves. Rick has a sword and his skills from before he lost his memories while Neris has a bow and arrows. Xaoi Mei must be looking for something in the castle, but after Rick's interference, she shouldn't try again any time soon. Xaoi Mei doesn't seem bad so I'm sure she has her reasons which may be why Rick is keeping quiet about her identity.

I knew it

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