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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

It was unexpected to find out the girls also washed ashore the same as Rick and Kaguya. I wonder just how many of the islanders have actually washed ashore They might also have had memory loss, but they don't seen to be searching for any lost memories. They enjoy their life with Rick and the islanders or we wouldn't see their cute smiles every episode. Baking bread seems fun and hand delivering it everyday only adds to the enjoyment. An eat in service is only going to improve sales because the men only want to see the cute girls.

I'm here for you, not the tea

He visits Xiao Mei to set everything straight. He knew it was her and wanted answers to why she would steal. He didn't ask her in a threatening way to confront her or try to reason with her to stop. Instead, he goes straight to her reason for stealing. She considers herself a modern day robin hood at least in the subtitles, even though I question his existence in a fantasy world. She's certainly not evil shown by the help with the children. Though stealing something because it's locked up serves as a simplistic reason, but her attempts do offer some challenge.

Xiao Mei plus
equals cute smiles
Toys plus children

He leaves with the big question of who he should be, a knight or a baker. Both of them reap their benefits especially as a baker with three cute girls, it just lacks the sense of adventure. At the moment, he has no incentive to leave the island, but given the opportunity, I believe he will leave to unlock his memories and past.

Adventure awaits

Kaguya is doing much better after her long rest. Every time she was visited, she would wake up, eat some bread and immediately fall back to sleep. If Rick decides to leave the island, I'm sure she will also follow him as well as the other girls. If Kaguya can fight, it'll be even more interesting.

Won't eat bread? preposterous
She can now eat all she wants

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