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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 8 discussion

Episode 7 discussion can be viewed here

So he actually went and used violence accidentally and headbutted the criminal, but it wasn't some brave event, he was running away and overkilled after Apo had taken him out. I was wrong, very wrong. I never expected Mutta to seriously be the type to leave an old couple in danger and in the worst case scenario, possibly even die. Even if he did intentionally get up to run away, he does have some act of kindness by going to save Apo even though he wouldn't need any help.

Just smile and wave

After all this bad luck Mutta has gone on about including his birth during the failed football world cup, the Zidane headbutt and his boss badly harming his chances of finding another job, he finally got some good luck. Although we know he is no hero, he did make it look like he was one. If he had told the truth, I'm sure JAXA and even Hoshika would have given the spot to Sawaki. It's lucky he can't help but act big in front of pretty girls. Mutta is better in every field other than psychological, but I can't help but feel sorry for Sawaki since he just lost out on his position.

Hibito knows the truth
Anything for the ladies

There are obvious places where the characters should be speaking English. The two American girls certainly won't be speaking Japanese which probably means the talk show will probably be in English too. Mutta helped teach Hibito English so he'll be fine and I'm sure Mr Smith is from America but knows Japanese. The characters are just speaking Japanese to make it easier. I'm not sure the other astronauts can understand Japanese since they have Hibito translate the parents video message for them.

The video message contains his results of the second test. As expected his passed because of his skills and especially his actions in America. Anyone would be happy being one step closer to making their dream a reality, Mutta just has to express himself physically.

Good news

Mutta has now gotten a message from Serika which will hopefully he the first of many. He thinks she's the reason for him passing, but I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion. He may have tried harder because he likes her, but Hibito is a better source of determination. Besides, she had nothing to do with the America incident, that was all thanks to Apo. She did make it easy for him to find Hibito's wills. Death isn't really something you would first think of for astronauts.  It should be much safer than previous incidents, but no system is perfect.

One reason to why he passed

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Shizuo said... [reply]

I really liked this episode, seriously.

Mutta became a "hero of justice", meet two american girls, get a message from Serika, and the most interesting and Mutta passed the second exam.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

And he lied on American TV to look big in front of pretty girls.

Passing his 2nd exam is the most important part, he can now get closer to Serika.

Rei said... [reply]

Amazing episode. The jokes are back and that is what is missing for me :D A bit sad about Mutta lying but for a good reason anyway ;) The celebration when he pass was GLORIOUS!

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

He knowa his lies were bad, but it gives him the ability to padd onto the next examination.

Walking away and holding in his excitement that long to express himself in the hall was amazing. It'd be more fun if he was actually caught doing it.

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