Thursday, 28 June 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

With all the girls and Hasuta missing, it really shows how much Mahiro misses his new lifestyle. Cute girls and boys really are hard to get over. The episode reminds me of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie which also faces Kyon with the question of how much Haruhi and an exciting world means to him. Although Mahiro's situation is different where he enters an empty world except for ravens and a hidden Ghutatan.

A premonition of death
Alone in a world with a loli

Everything comes down to Ghutatan and her small green butler granting Mahiro's wish of wanting to be alone. In reality, he was petrified and saved by Nyaruko and the mirror. This is all because of the butler's insane love of eroge. There's a limit to how much an addiction you can have.

I want to give her a hug
Puppets are cute

The final episode ended well with all the characters coming together to take out the butler and save the day. Even Mahiro stands up to protect Nyaruko.With the battle over, Mahiro's harem goes at full force with the addition of Ghutatan and Kuko. Kuko is just using him as a middleman for Nyaruko though. Choose Ghutatan, she'll make an adorable wife. She is young so I'm not sure if she managed to transfer to his school, but I have no complaints if she decides to visit everyday.

The harem ending

With high hopes for a second season, I can't wait for more from Nyaruko and the other characters.

See you next time

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 13 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

The second test is maths on a treadmill which is just testing stress and solving maths problems. I had the idea his Air abacus wasn't fake, just his working out was made up on the spot. The skill shouldn't be too difficult to learn, but it's rendered useless when I can just use a calculator. I'm not sure on everyone else's questions, but it seemed like Mutta was getting harder questions than everyone else. Either way, his secret technique is best when not moving. Better luck next time.

Mutta's secret technique... a failure

Next test is a massive English typing test. Again it tests stress along with accuracy. Honestly none of the tests so far really seem beneficial to the space program. I'd put them under general knowledge and are actually useless. The third test turns out the most interesting and actually has some influence to space. There are critics everywhere and I only think it's because they can make a living out of it. They might not actually have any problem with their discussion, but when it comes down to it, it becomes a debate and they should eventually find some sort of payment from it.

Typing test

Space exploration and anything else in it's early stages is practically useless. Only later on will they show some benefit to the whole population. Space exploration is best for looking for new inhabitable planets if humans leave Earth. Watching the news gives me an idea of what science is about. To gain more knowledge just because we can.

The price of knowledge

I loved Souchi Noguchi's ant story. Changing how you go about things brings solutions. However, if he continued the story to the River, I don't think ants can swim so it would become about failure. Fire ants show great team work in staying afloat, but I still doubt they can swim. Going back to space exploration, I see the ultimate goal as finding another planet like Earth, but this is going to take time unless a scientist gets a lucky break.


Mutta's answer isn't necessarily good as critics can gain power if left alone and gain more supporters. Too bad it works as people like to be a part of something and include themselves naturally. Although it has no benefit to the whole population, it does make you feel proud of your country when someone achieves something.

The solution to critics

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Kaguya, or Sakuya, follows through with her sacrifice but turns out to be useless without her jewel. The jewel holds her memories and power which without just makes her an ordinary girl. Her only real battle power is from the protection of the doll, but even with her, she's still easily captured by the lizard men.

Rick will save her

Rick is summoned to the castle as a way for them to stop the lizard men and bring Kaguya back. Lagunas knows of his strength and believes he is best to fight. Last time was for the money, but this time he has no real motive other than to save Kaguya. However, it isn't enough to motivate him to act straight away.

Refusing to help Kaguya

Although Rick had decided to bake bread, his subconscious decided otherwise. He lost the love for making bread and reduces the quality. Once he has decided to be the warrior, he gains wings in order to travel to the war ship. He's a natural with a sword as shown when fighting against Xiao Mei and with his special sword, he can fight with more skill than a war ship. I hope he goes back to the island as it is his home unless he regains his memories. When he returns, so should his baking.

So damn cool

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Friday, 22 June 2012

Cardfight Vanguard season 2 - early thoughts

bIuecrimson here.

I'm not happy with of how they changed Aichi's deck from Royal Paladins to Gold Paladins. I became attached to that deck especially his avatar, Blaster Blade. It does bring up some interesting points though. Everyone other than Aichi believes that he's always used Gold Paladins, but I'm not so sure his new deck is really strong enough to defeat Ren. Unless Aichi still can't use them to their best ability, Royal Paladins and using both light and darkness as Majesty Lord Blaster is the only way to defeat Ren at the end of season 1.

For whatever reason, Aichi is stuck with Gold Paladins until he can confront Takuto and find out what is going on. Takuto did something in their fight, but other than that, the reason is unknown. The most noticeable difference other than Aichi's deck is the planet Cray which is the battleground of each Vanguard battle. Before it was a beautiful paradise, but now it has become a barren wasteland. The most obvious theory for the change is Takuto triggered some sort of event with Aichi. Since the leaders of the Royal and Shadow Paladins along with Kagero couldn't defeat the mysterious power, it somehow sparked the birth of the Gold Paladins. It isn't explained how these events on Cray caused Aichi's cards to disappear from Earth, but we have the rest of the series for that.

If Takuto really is the one who took control of Rekka in episode 64, it suggests he is a spirit or monster from the Cray. If he is a spirit, the easiest way to gain the most power on Earth is to take control of someone with great financial power. This allows him to create another tournament which I can see as some scheme for the planet Cray and Aichi. Hopefully everything is explained properly and Aichi gets his original deck back.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

The simple life really is the best. You work during the day, hopefully with a job you enjoy and sleep or party during the night. If you add Nyaruko, kuko and Hasuta to the equation you have an excitement filled life that is never boring, it's especially beneficial if one of them is the girl you are most likely to end up with. After all another kiss from Nyaruko will only serve to make his life even better, even he can't be that innocent.

How does Mahiro resist?

This episode adds the adorable Ghutatan which brings out a natural big brother instinct from Mahiro. His mother found her lost and sent her to Mahiro. She isn't able to live by herself because she was always pampered by maids, but if I could have such an adorable little sister, I wouldn't mind doing everything for her. Though I think she would work perfectly as Nyaruko's and Mahiro's child. I'm now going to add more pictures of her than I should. Don't blame me... blame the design artists.

Shaggoth are suppose to be weak and quick to run yet Nyaruko, Kuko and Hasuta seem to be over killing them. I blame Mahiro for not moving back when they were engaged in battle. It brings out a side of Mahiro which coldly pushes them away for the sake of Ghutatan. She wasn't injured badly, but it was due to their negligence. Such a harsh lecture made them leave along with Ghutatan, but considering the alarm clock says it's Sunday like at the start of the episode, I'm unsure what has actually happened.

A small injury

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

So Mutta lied again. I'd like to check his fake calculations, but I need both measures from the odometer. I bet that number is also made up. He noticed the time as I had thought, but decided to create an elaborate story to make himself seem better than he actually is. This time around he just happened to notice the time thanks to his fascination of bald people. I guess knowing the time can ease some tension, but it's trivial information when it comes down to it.

The truth is revealed

Meanwhile on Kenji's team, Kenji is showing a great role of team leader. He naturally brought out the answer from Tomii. Appears he stayed awake to read and solve his Rubik's cube and used that to work out the time. Whether he also noticed the time on the bus is unknown, but he and Mutta were the only ones with the correct answers. It's also unknown if JAXA noticed how Mutta came to his answer, but a correct answer will grant both team members points.

A true multitasker

Serika's stomach growls after everyone is told to go to sleep. Poor Mutta is given the blame. No one would ever suspect Serika, but I wonder why they go straight to blaming Mutta. Prejudice... She can always make it up to him later.

An empty stomach

When it comes to deciding who will be be chosen, the fairest method should be used. Humans will always hold biased opinions, but they are adults so I'll have faith in them. A points system where each person receives 1-5 points for each task or day will require a discussion. It may also reveal who you hold bias for. A ballot system is probably the best option as it is anonymous and one person's bias should be outweighed by everyone else's votes. It's ok just as long as they don't vote for themselves. Getting to know each other and deciding who is truly qualified still holds the question of bias and possibly the problem of deciding at the last minute.

Big brother is watching

Loli Serika shows up again in a flashback for what her name's meaning is. Instead of having a meaning like many other Japanese names, her's has none, but instead just sounds right. She could have been  given a name with a meaning, but as soon as she was born, Serika seemed perfect. I guess meaningful names is the norm is Japan and not having a name like that is unusual.

Serika was so cute as a child
My name doesn't have a meaning

Serika is a beautiful name especially as I hold bias to her. Mutta probably holds similar bias and wants to be good friends with Serika. In Japan, it is rude to call someone you aren't familiar with by their first name, but Serika and Mutta have been together since the first test so it isn't too bad. The moment he complimented her name was the start of bring able to call her by her first name.

I love her smile

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

Rick must be thinking about where he belongs even more than previously. His distractions and emotions affect the quality of his bread. I assume it's worse than usual, but they never actually state it, just make it obvious it's a different taste.

A different taste
Looks normal to me

So with the doll activated, she must find her real master, her mistress Queen. I didn't suspect much of Kaguya because little back story was actually given. A past relationship with Rick was suggested in episode 3, but nothing more than that. Knowing the doll is from another world, Kaguya as her master must be as well. Rick should also be from the same origin possibly along with all the other islanders that washed ashore on  the red moon.

My queen

The heavily armed ship is also from the same world which is on the course of the island to find Kaguya at any cost. Same with the ship, the doll is also willing to protect Kaguya at any cost, even if it means the destruction of the island. Kaguya received so much love on that island which means she sacrifices herself to the ship or they'll attempt to destroy it. The crew are lizard men willing to destroy any passing ship without much thought. It's probably to ensure Kaguya isn't hiding on the ship.

Why are aliens portrayed as evil?

With Kaguya's most precious item, the crystal, Xiao Mei and Hank attempt to leave the castle. Before managing to get away, they are stopped by the guards Lorna and Lagunas who take the jewel and send Xiao Mei with Hank back to prison. I wonder if they want the crystal, not Kaguya.

Back to your cell
Well hidden...

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

I wish the real Mahiro had confessed. He has feelings for her, he just won't admit them. Most tsunderes are female so it's a nice change of pace for the girl to be chasing the guy. Though in the episodes with Mahiro in Nyaruko's body, it's the typical female tsundere. Nyarko can stay as long as Mahiro needs protecting which is as long as the series can can go for. Mahiro has enough time to admit his feelings.

No sense in giving up

Yoichi was taken over the same as Tamao, but Isurugi obviously doesn't has the same taste. With every other human out there, there are so many cute girls to choose from, but instead the side character is chosen. He does make a perfect hostage as he's a friend of Mahiro so his death could cause at least some pain.

Sinister look

Almost killing off Mahiro is a great way to progress their relationship. Plot armour is strong and there is no way he'll be dying any time soon. Again, I'd prefer Mahiro to willingly admit his feelings, but I can't help but enjoy their kiss. Kuko and Hasuta really don't stand a chance since she keeps winning little advances. I was right about Mahiro using his trusty fork when they returned to their original bodies, just that might have been more about the kiss than everything else.

Another point for Nyaruko
To be kissed by yourself

Although Isuka should have erased Tamao's memory, she somehow remembered. It could have been an error on Isuka's part, but I think it'll be better if she has some kind if. She won't show if she remembers as Isuka must think she has forgotten.

After such abuse, her secret is safe

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

A disclaimer followed by a short video of three astronauts dying in an accident. It was the same scenario as in Mutta's dream after finding Hibito's wills. Some of them are reluctant to sign, but by the end, everyone has signed their copy. Everyone should understand the dangers and should have come to terms with it before even considering to become an astronaut.


I wonder what would have happened if someone had decided to leave the exam at this point. The teams are broken up into groups so if the majority of one group had left, I'm sure they'd be rearranged again or just simply added to an existing group. The interviews must have been able to tell the resolve of each person and the fact they are all dedicated to becoming astronauts.

Everyone is split up into three teams based on the survey of how qualified each person is to become an astronaut. By the end of two weeks, each group must choose two out five who would make the best astronauts. Again, I'm not fond of the idea where they rate each other, but at least this time they will have two weeks to show off their skills.

Group A
Group C
Group B

I find it interesting they're going to be in a space station for two weeks. The test subject is realistic because of just how boring it can become by being by yourself for such a long time. Add a lack of sense and natural sunlight will only increase stress. Though I think the real problem is clearly the lack of technology and communication with the outside world. Let's hope they don't go insane.

Under pressure

Serika's empty stomach complex is extremely cute. She's always loved her food and seems like the type to eat a lot, but not actually gain any weight. An empty stomach will only growl for so long which is the same with feeling hungry and I agree it's pretty embarrassing to have your stomach growl, but it would be worse trying to hide it.

A love for food
I share your pain.

Cliff hangers are cruel, but it wasn't too difficult too guess after rewatching.

The first test is to figure out the current time. The obvious answer is to retrace your steps, but the moment they went to sleep, they lost track of time and it becomes a guess. I'll find it hilarious if Mutta is basing his answer on how hungry Serika is, but after rewatching the episode, I think the time is shown when Mutta leaves the bus. It's cheating on Mutta's part and was probably not meant to be seen. Knowing the time compared to figuring out the time as a group is an unfair advantage.

His memory really is useful

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