Friday, 22 June 2012

Cardfight Vanguard season 2 - early thoughts

bIuecrimson here.

I'm not happy with of how they changed Aichi's deck from Royal Paladins to Gold Paladins. I became attached to that deck especially his avatar, Blaster Blade. It does bring up some interesting points though. Everyone other than Aichi believes that he's always used Gold Paladins, but I'm not so sure his new deck is really strong enough to defeat Ren. Unless Aichi still can't use them to their best ability, Royal Paladins and using both light and darkness as Majesty Lord Blaster is the only way to defeat Ren at the end of season 1.

For whatever reason, Aichi is stuck with Gold Paladins until he can confront Takuto and find out what is going on. Takuto did something in their fight, but other than that, the reason is unknown. The most noticeable difference other than Aichi's deck is the planet Cray which is the battleground of each Vanguard battle. Before it was a beautiful paradise, but now it has become a barren wasteland. The most obvious theory for the change is Takuto triggered some sort of event with Aichi. Since the leaders of the Royal and Shadow Paladins along with Kagero couldn't defeat the mysterious power, it somehow sparked the birth of the Gold Paladins. It isn't explained how these events on Cray caused Aichi's cards to disappear from Earth, but we have the rest of the series for that.

If Takuto really is the one who took control of Rekka in episode 64, it suggests he is a spirit or monster from the Cray. If he is a spirit, the easiest way to gain the most power on Earth is to take control of someone with great financial power. This allows him to create another tournament which I can see as some scheme for the planet Cray and Aichi. Hopefully everything is explained properly and Aichi gets his original deck back.


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