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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

With all the girls and Hasuta missing, it really shows how much Mahiro misses his new lifestyle. Cute girls and boys really are hard to get over. The episode reminds me of the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie which also faces Kyon with the question of how much Haruhi and an exciting world means to him. Although Mahiro's situation is different where he enters an empty world except for ravens and a hidden Ghutatan.

A premonition of death
Alone in a world with a loli

Everything comes down to Ghutatan and her small green butler granting Mahiro's wish of wanting to be alone. In reality, he was petrified and saved by Nyaruko and the mirror. This is all because of the butler's insane love of eroge. There's a limit to how much an addiction you can have.

I want to give her a hug
Puppets are cute

The final episode ended well with all the characters coming together to take out the butler and save the day. Even Mahiro stands up to protect Nyaruko.With the battle over, Mahiro's harem goes at full force with the addition of Ghutatan and Kuko. Kuko is just using him as a middleman for Nyaruko though. Choose Ghutatan, she'll make an adorable wife. She is young so I'm not sure if she managed to transfer to his school, but I have no complaints if she decides to visit everyday.

The harem ending

With high hopes for a second season, I can't wait for more from Nyaruko and the other characters.

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feal87 said... [reply]

The Harem ending! What else could we really desire?! *__*

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

It has Nyaruko and Mahiro + Ghutatan so I'm happy.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You know, I actually had plans to pick this up again and find out how it would end. Would it be a glorious revolution where Kuko ended up taking over the world for the sake of getting Nyaruko to grow brain cells? Would Hamster body slam I.M. Boring and rape him so bad, he would be scarred for life? Would the parody jokes actually become funny?
No, it ended exactly as I thought it would. In short, I made the right choice to drop this show. I'll risk my sanity wacthing Upotte! instead.

Anonymous said... [reply]

You know what? Screw it. I picked this up so I'll fricken finish it, as much as it'll hurt me. My pride is much stronger than "that posse".

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I don't know... I like it both for the comedy and the really cute girls. It suits me because they are things I like. Since you'll watch, try to enjoy it for more than Kuko.

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