Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 8 discussion

Episode 7 discussion can be viewed here

Animal shaped bread is the best, especially if natural instincts are making a catgirl extremely cute. Where's my bread when I need it most? I'll make Xiao Mei mine later.

Xiao Mei ♥

Rick delivers bread to Flora's bar making for this episode's plot. Just like Rick, she washed ashore with amnesia and was helped by Madera to make a living on the island. Unlike Rick, she doesn't have any interest in her past because she has things to do on the island. Running a bar is the perfect place to attract sailors... or pirates and regular workers from the town. She has a child, which we all know is from the pirate, so she shouldn't have much reason to leave just like how Rick has the three girls.

Shu and Flora

For some reason Shu went to buy bread even though Flora gets it delivered. It seems pretty pointless to have someone go buy bread when more bread will be delivered. I guess it gives him some exercise instead of letting him play with his friends. The only other children I've are from the orphanage, but there shouldn't be any reason to discriminate.

With Kaguya feeling better, her appetite and ability to stay awake have improved. She's also acting much cuter by displaying more emotion than before. Kaguya has already gotten attached to the island thanks to Rick's delicious bread, compared to that, her past isn't important at all. Her new life has finally begun. Once she's attached, I don't think she'll want to leave the island just as Rick leaving is becoming less and less likely.

Kaguya ♥

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