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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 9 discussion

Episode 8 discussion can be viewed here

I can understand how the guards don't notice Xiao Mei, she's agile like a cat and the black clothes hide her identity, but Hank should be a lot easier to see running around with his large figure. It's not surprising the castle figured out the thieves. Xiao Mei is the only one cat like while Hank is also the only one with his build. So with the trap alarm, they were expecting catch her in the act and to have the guards to capture her the next time she broke in. A cage would have been a better idea.

Ready to strike
In the ventalation

It's strange since she's only chosen items specifically from the box pulled up from the ocean. Instead of stealing jewels and other precious items, she chooses items she believes are rightfully hers. Though the key definitely have more value than a simple unicorn horn. Makes me wonder if her attacks only happened after the castle claimed the box as the kingdom's.

More value than a univorn horn

Even after Lorna failed so badly, she's still willing to leave to go on a picnic with Kaguya and the other girls. Ir will give her a chance to relax after her hard work in the castle. Simply eating bread is no fun, they have to go play in the water as well. It's a nice chance for everyone to bond. Lorna and Kaguya must want to enjoy themselves after their current issues. Kaguya doesn't have memories, but like Rick, she might have some instincts and skills from before. I wonder what she will do on the island, she can't continue eating bread without giving something in return.

No one could stay mad ♥
Having fun

Enough guards must have seen Xiao Mei and Hank to figure out who they were. Xiao Mei should have a plan for escaping, but Hank is trapped and has the doll to protect. The doll activates after absorbing the key. It will possibly cause some damage to the the island and might look for Kaguya's jewel as it has already reacted to it before.


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