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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

Rick must be thinking about where he belongs even more than previously. His distractions and emotions affect the quality of his bread. I assume it's worse than usual, but they never actually state it, just make it obvious it's a different taste.

A different taste
Looks normal to me

So with the doll activated, she must find her real master, her mistress Queen. I didn't suspect much of Kaguya because little back story was actually given. A past relationship with Rick was suggested in episode 3, but nothing more than that. Knowing the doll is from another world, Kaguya as her master must be as well. Rick should also be from the same origin possibly along with all the other islanders that washed ashore on  the red moon.

My queen

The heavily armed ship is also from the same world which is on the course of the island to find Kaguya at any cost. Same with the ship, the doll is also willing to protect Kaguya at any cost, even if it means the destruction of the island. Kaguya received so much love on that island which means she sacrifices herself to the ship or they'll attempt to destroy it. The crew are lizard men willing to destroy any passing ship without much thought. It's probably to ensure Kaguya isn't hiding on the ship.

Why are aliens portrayed as evil?

With Kaguya's most precious item, the crystal, Xiao Mei and Hank attempt to leave the castle. Before managing to get away, they are stopped by the guards Lorna and Lagunas who take the jewel and send Xiao Mei with Hank back to prison. I wonder if they want the crystal, not Kaguya.

Back to your cell
Well hidden...

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