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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 13 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

The second test is maths on a treadmill which is just testing stress and solving maths problems. I had the idea his Air abacus wasn't fake, just his working out was made up on the spot. The skill shouldn't be too difficult to learn, but it's rendered useless when I can just use a calculator. I'm not sure on everyone else's questions, but it seemed like Mutta was getting harder questions than everyone else. Either way, his secret technique is best when not moving. Better luck next time.

Mutta's secret technique... a failure

Next test is a massive English typing test. Again it tests stress along with accuracy. Honestly none of the tests so far really seem beneficial to the space program. I'd put them under general knowledge and are actually useless. The third test turns out the most interesting and actually has some influence to space. There are critics everywhere and I only think it's because they can make a living out of it. They might not actually have any problem with their discussion, but when it comes down to it, it becomes a debate and they should eventually find some sort of payment from it.

Typing test

Space exploration and anything else in it's early stages is practically useless. Only later on will they show some benefit to the whole population. Space exploration is best for looking for new inhabitable planets if humans leave Earth. Watching the news gives me an idea of what science is about. To gain more knowledge just because we can.

The price of knowledge

I loved Souchi Noguchi's ant story. Changing how you go about things brings solutions. However, if he continued the story to the River, I don't think ants can swim so it would become about failure. Fire ants show great team work in staying afloat, but I still doubt they can swim. Going back to space exploration, I see the ultimate goal as finding another planet like Earth, but this is going to take time unless a scientist gets a lucky break.


Mutta's answer isn't necessarily good as critics can gain power if left alone and gain more supporters. Too bad it works as people like to be a part of something and include themselves naturally. Although it has no benefit to the whole population, it does make you feel proud of your country when someone achieves something.

The solution to critics

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-blacksheep said... [reply]

The tests does seem pretty typical but I think that all of them are pretty much related to space although not that directly. I think that the first 2 tests were more like getting the right condition to be on space, just like you said stress and accuracy.

~and you're not the only one who noticed that Mutta's math questions had bigger numbers although I didn't really care about it so much.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I figured they'd have something small to do with space, but that only means the 3rd test interests me that much more. General knowledge is also a valuable skill even if it doesn't directly help you.

Tom Badguy said... [reply]

A good read. This is kind of out of my element, but interesting nonetheless.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

@Tom Badguy
Thanks. You should watch this anime. It's always really interesting each week.

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