Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 18 discussion

Episode 17 discussion can be viewed here

I think mutta has the most difficult green card. Nitta had to break the toilet, but wet trousers could be concealed if he really tried. Mutta needs to startle his group. I'm sure everyone will understand since they have received similar orders. It is best this card was saved for last.

He startled Serika
Shuffle shuffle shuffle

It's great to see Kenji push away door to door salesmen especially when their product is so weak. There is a low chance the stone is actually from a meteorite and likely a man made item, but there is the possibility it's a natural crystal being sold as a fake power enhancer.

Devil's advocate

I especially like JAXA this episode because they probably ordered the point system to be deleted. Now Kenji's group is likely to in a similar way to Mutta's group. This finally leads to Kenji stating they probably don't have power to make astronauts. With this, he shouldn't have any problem withdrawing from selection as the final decision would come down to JAXA. It's too bad there is no way JAXA would look at it in positive light.

Ka-pe papa

Fuuka's Ka-pe is enough to reassure himself to staying in the competition as it really means Ganbare (good luck). It's adorable how she can't pronounce words properly and even better she understands just how much the exam means to Kenji.

Papa wa ka-pe

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

That was kind of simple. After that dizzy spell, I expected something more than Inaba just being suspicious of everyone. I'm sure everyone has some sort of distrust except she took it to a whole new level. I'm not sure what to make of her fainting, but it doesn't seem to happen again any time soon.


Then Iori's identity crisis was caused by her mother marrying five times. If she had more of stable environment, I believe she would have been fine. Creating personas for certain situations is perfect to fit in with anyone, but it becomes restricting when you can't express the things you're actually thinking. So does this mean "Happy" Iori is fake too? In the end, everyone just wants to find a place to belong.

Those eyes suit a yadere/yangire

Currently only Taichi has been helping others to move forward even as far as to admit his deep dark secret. I'm wondering if his problem is as simple as being a selfless freak. Currently he's fine as he is, but next episode will have the attempted suicide we've all been waiting for. I wonder how he will save her. Would he go as far as dying for her? Not that that should happen at all.

cheer up Inaba
I "like" you too

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sword Art Online episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

After everything that's happened to Kirito, he's still fighting for everyone on the front lines and for the little people. It may all be down to coincidences when first meeting them, but to go out of his way to help Silica revive Pina and tracking down player killers is more than enough to present him as a good person.


It is important for Kirito to be over powered in both his strength and health., but to receive such small damage from attacks only shows how strong he currently is compared to other players. I expected player killers to be so much stronger even though their power comes from being in a group and less about individual power.

Player killers
Kirito vs Rosalia

I still believe they won't actually die in real life, but without proof, it's unfair for players to kill others so easily. Their logic is twisted to suit their own beliefs. With Kirito's statement suggesting he would be able to lose orange status in one or two days just by fighting on the front lines, it's likely you can redeem yourself after a while by fighting monsters and not killing players.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 15 discussion

Episode 14 discussion can be viewed here

Similar to Lan's experiment, Madoka is put into the same situation except stimulated stress doesn't work on her. I thought her mother's death might have been brought up again as it was probably the most stressful situation in her life. Her cousin didn't die so that wasn't that bad. Instead of that, she's taught about where babies come from. All three of them are too innocent, but this will be the first step to becoming more than just friends.

Accepting her fate

Blood red flows out instead of the green from last time. Yurikano's soul shows up as an attempt to kill Madoka and protect the world. This should be good enough to prevent any more attempts to control Vox's power, but will probably only fuel their ambitions to control that power. Yurikano's body is still alive, but she's acting like a child. So she's likely to have been the sacrifice to prevent complete destruction the first time round.

Bloody Yurikano
Childlike Yurikano

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 17 discussion

Episode 16 discussion can be viewed here

Yay, I get a handshake from Fukuda, but I'm not satisfied with this outcome. Ya-san gave it away at the end of the previous episode. He stopped complaining about the situation and moved to a position where he could easily pick up the alarm. Green cards grant participants to act on JAXA's orders to create a pressurised situation. Mutta has an advantage thanks to Jennifer and Hibito, but then again Fukuda also has that same advantage.

Fukuda, I'm next
Nice idea

It's hilarious how Serika's food shortage problem is also put down to JAXA. I wonder how they will actually get past this even though I still think they can easily survive without eating for the remaining time of the exam. It also gives Mutta a legitimate reason to shake her hand.

Doki doki

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Sword Art Online episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

I'm loving this series, but to be honest, Sachi's death didn't really make much of an impact. I expected this outcome because she was weak. This was at least until her Christmas present and her singing. I guess it only serves as character development for Kirito. If she had decided to stay in the first town, she would have likely hated herself even more for not even trying. By leaving, she stayed with the Moonlit Black Cats and met Kirito. Dying still beats giving up.

Goodbye Sachi

It was nice to see Klein again, but Kirito continues to give him the cold shoulder. It wouldn't be a bad idea to join him at this point. Though now he might be scared of making and losing friends. Sachi's last message was enough to keep his sanity. Now he just needs to meet up with Asuna again.


The Holy Dragon Alliance offers an interesting possible boss later on. They're willing to fight players even if it's just one rare item. With them on the higher floors, they will take most of the quests and boss kills. They are  easily worse than Kirito as a beater.

Holy Dragon Alliance

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Kokoro Connect episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

Their confessions were hilarious. It comes down to using their bodies for the wrong things, but to get a confession, even if it's fake, gives a nice sense of joy. The appropriate punishment is stripping and running round the school. A little embarrassment versus killing a his social life. Himeko is too harsh.

Aoki suki desu
Die Aoki's social life
Anata ga suki desu

I find it strange how their personalities swapped, but Yui's androphobia stay with her body. It's sort of her own natural reaction to men. I don't really understand how someone without that fear would suddenly get it when in her body. It does mean if they were in her body long enough, they might also develop the same fear. It brought an apology from Aoki so it shows a good side.


Yui took a great step forward this episode. she probably isn't be completely over her androphobia, but thanks to Taichi, she now knows the ultimate weapon against any man. This will also create another love interest along with Iori. Poor Aoki is the only one left out as Himeko doesn't seem interested in love or at least none of the club members and he only has eyes for Yui.

A step forward

I assume Himeko must be past her limit. No one else has noticed it when swapped, so I wonder if it's down to her own mind giving up. The most obvious cause is from all the constant switching, but I hope it's something deeper happening in her life for a more interesting story.


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Friday, 20 July 2012

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

This episode's plot was painful to watch. Simply it comes down to exploiting the population (mainly girls) because of some popular fad. It's almost as if they lack free will when so many girls must be skipping out on their jobs. But then it only serves to point out they aren't even close to extinction, just humans have declined as the title suggests.

A fan letter

Y became so power mad and money driven... or she was always power mad, that she takes the opportunity to take every girl away from their daily lives. It's either they have no life or they can drop all responsibilities for one whole day. I guess the only positive of this episode is the realism, if I can even call it positive. Whether it be hardcore yaoi fangirls or otakus, it is a real problem yet it is also one of the target audiences. I am also relating to Okashi more and more.

Responsibilities aren't important -_-"

Next episode should be a lot better considering they're trapped in a manga. I just hope there isn't another episode I hate this much.


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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 14 discussion

Episode 13 discussion can be viewed here

Looks like Madoka isn't able to pilot properly just yet, but she at least managed to stop the fight before losing control again. Muginami wasn't planning to kill Madoka, but instead she didn't want her to fight. Both of them want to protect her, but can't stop for a few seconds to explain the situation. No wonder why Madoka went straight into battle to stop them. With Asteria's meeting, the only explanation we have right now is a possible collision of star systems.

Taking them down

Madoka, desperate to find Muginami and Lan, connects to Villagiulio expecting a positive outcome. I think at best she'd have found out Muginami was on the ship and probably would have been told nothing. Knowing they're still on Earth, the only place left is the Jersy club's clubroom.

Searching for Muginami

The best way to stop a fight is to force them to kiss and make up. It's too bad Lan failed to make Madoka and Muginami kiss. So now it's three vs the brothers' armies. They'll manage to pull it off with the power of love.


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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 16 discussion

Episode 15 discussion can be viewed here

So the big question for both Mutta's and Kenji's groups are, why are they creating problems? There's a handshake on the line for Mutta. I assumed it would be selfish reasons, but now I'm not so sure. The whole point of this test, being inside a closed environment for two weeks, is to point out who is truly suited to be an astronaut. I believe they are just creating pressurised situations to see reactions whether ordered by JAXA or not, but I really hope it's not JAXA. At the start you should expect complaints and paranoia. Then as time goes by, either accepting the situation and adapting or continuous complaints.

I know it's you

Kenji is starting to get scared he may never see his daughter again if he goes to space. It's understandable to want to stay with your family, but given the choice, I would to go to space. Even if Kenji dies, he'll still have made some influence to the space program and this will only make his family proud of him.

Ka-pe ^_^

Mutta's bird daydream brought a nice slice of life feeling to the episode also showing us another flashback of when they were children. They always fit in naturally and I enjoy every time they show progress in their interests, this time birds.

Chirp chirp chirp

And finally it's Srika's fault they are running out of food. I blame everyone for not realising large portions equals running out of food quicker. Worse case scenario is they go without food till the exam ends which shouldn't be a problem if you can last two or three weeks without food.

Poor Serika

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

More switching occurs throughout the episode. When three of them switched, it wasn't that interesting, it just lacked comedy. Moving to the toilets might be a smart idea, but it brings up questions of what Taichi was planning. His intentions were pure, though moving yui's body was a bad idea. As long as the switches only last a relatively short time they should only move around so much.

Hiding in the toilets
Feelings for Taichi?

With the introduction of the observer, Heartseed, we find out the basics of why they are swapping. Everything is random and it seems like Heartseed must be satisfied for it to stop. Whatever his objective is, he's just making it out to be a way to toy with them. Regardless, it'll allow them to help each other with their problems. Yui as an androphobic and Iori with divorced parents.

Lack of motivation

Iori's part on the mind (or memories), body and soul was interesting as a way to identify someone. It's obvious the first identification is the body as sight is the first input. Then the mind is how someone acts and could be used as a way to tell if they are an imposter. The soul isn't possible to tell the identity per se, but along with the mind, it will always serve as an identification as it is unique to each person and I consider it to be attached to the mind.

Iori or Aoki?

Consider memory transfer or mind uploading. The physical body and soul will die, but the memories will still be active. It's not like this in Kokoro Connect, but it serves as an idea that humans are really a collection of all three and not just one or two.

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sword Art Online episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

The fight scene was amazingly animated especially when Kirito was working with Asuna, it really was beautiful. They work well together and I'd like to see how they both act when not fighting. What we've seen is her acting distant when in the cloak and I guess kind of out of it by not noticing the naming system.

Kirito and Asuna

Diabel was planing to steal the final attack, but was killed from the unexpected change in weapon. If the boss has a weapon from a higher floor, perhaps the game is harder this time round. Everyone is going to struggle even if they are apparently stronger than the beta testers. This could just be a way to boost their morale as Diabel's death only reminds them of their situation.

Death of Diabel

With this the first floor is completed and no matter how I see it, any player will struggle to reach the top without a and especially against the boss. Kirito should have taken Asuna along with him. It is cool as he leaves alone in the Coat of Midnight acting as the bad guy, but I guess keeping everyone calm will at least serve as Diabel's will after death.

Playing the bad guy

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 13 discussion

Welcome back Rinne no Lagrange, I have missed you. Lan's brother is looking more into Vox's system using Lan as a test subject. It seems more like torture even though both of them are very willing to continue despite her cries of pain. The mysteries they'll uncover must be worth it.


Array, Kirius and Izo are running their own cafe now with occasional help from Madoka. Array is still wearing his maid outfit and is still as cute as before. He definitely likes wearing it and he must not get any bad comments about cross dressing.

Array ♥

Lan and Muginama have returned to Earth for Madoka. Lan returns as Muginami has the intent to kill but making sure to remember her cute signature hello, "wan" *Paw out*. Even with a logical reason, I can't see why Muginami would want to kill Madoka and I'm sure she'll return to the harem later. I really hope it's not an attempt to get close with Villagiulio. Madoka regains the ability to pilot and enters the battle between Lan and Muginami.

Muginami vs Lan

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