Monday, 16 July 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

More switching occurs throughout the episode. When three of them switched, it wasn't that interesting, it just lacked comedy. Moving to the toilets might be a smart idea, but it brings up questions of what Taichi was planning. His intentions were pure, though moving yui's body was a bad idea. As long as the switches only last a relatively short time they should only move around so much.

Hiding in the toilets
Feelings for Taichi?

With the introduction of the observer, Heartseed, we find out the basics of why they are swapping. Everything is random and it seems like Heartseed must be satisfied for it to stop. Whatever his objective is, he's just making it out to be a way to toy with them. Regardless, it'll allow them to help each other with their problems. Yui as an androphobic and Iori with divorced parents.

Lack of motivation

Iori's part on the mind (or memories), body and soul was interesting as a way to identify someone. It's obvious the first identification is the body as sight is the first input. Then the mind is how someone acts and could be used as a way to tell if they are an imposter. The soul isn't possible to tell the identity per se, but along with the mind, it will always serve as an identification as it is unique to each person and I consider it to be attached to the mind.

Iori or Aoki?

Consider memory transfer or mind uploading. The physical body and soul will die, but the memories will still be active. It's not like this in Kokoro Connect, but it serves as an idea that humans are really a collection of all three and not just one or two.

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feal87 said... [reply]

I really wonder what happened to Yui and Iori in the past to create such a situation...:|

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

We'll have to wait till they reveal it. I'm still wondering what the other's problems will be.

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