Saturday, 14 July 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 13 discussion

Welcome back Rinne no Lagrange, I have missed you. Lan's brother is looking more into Vox's system using Lan as a test subject. It seems more like torture even though both of them are very willing to continue despite her cries of pain. The mysteries they'll uncover must be worth it.


Array, Kirius and Izo are running their own cafe now with occasional help from Madoka. Array is still wearing his maid outfit and is still as cute as before. He definitely likes wearing it and he must not get any bad comments about cross dressing.

Array ♥

Lan and Muginama have returned to Earth for Madoka. Lan returns as Muginami has the intent to kill but making sure to remember her cute signature hello, "wan" *Paw out*. Even with a logical reason, I can't see why Muginami would want to kill Madoka and I'm sure she'll return to the harem later. I really hope it's not an attempt to get close with Villagiulio. Madoka regains the ability to pilot and enters the battle between Lan and Muginami.

Muginami vs Lan

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feal87 said... [reply]

This beginning seems like the carbon copy of the first season one, but with Lan in Muginami's role. Hope they'll end up together again...*_*

Overlord-G said... [reply]

Perhaps the only times feal87 and I can see eye to eye is when it comes to yuri and little else.

Other than that, it was great to hear Lan "bark" again after so long. I missed her blissful greeting.

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