Thursday, 5 July 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Rick saves Kaguya as expected or she saves herself. The boss lizard man wasn't much of a challenge, he was just a little bigger than the rest of his crew. The jewel helped, but I think Rick should have been able to defeat him without special powers from Kaguya. Though the moment Lizard had the opportunity to kill, he should have taken it.

Determination to save Rick

Everything starts to return to how it used to be except with the addition of Kaguya. Rick has fulfilled his subconscience wish of battle and returns to baking bread. As he had lost his ability, he must start from the beginning and learn all the skills from Madera again. He notices little things that he ignored previously. Maybe losing and regaining his skills will turn out to be better for him and he'll make even better bread.

The bread everyone loves
Kaguya ♥

Xiao Mei returns the soft toy after taking it away to fix it. The smile is well worth the time and effort to fix such a small item. I'm not sure she actually had a part in the rebuilding of the church, just her indirect act of bringing up the sunken treasure is enough to get acknowledgement from the girl.

The reward of a smile

There are still a few things I'm interested in. Kaguya's power and her jewel. I won't be surprised if she's just a regular girl with a magical rock. So far it's been used for giving orders to the doll and maybe some psychic powers. Then there are the memories of both Rick and Kaguya, everyone else aren't important as they didn't suggest any important back story. Rick is probably from the same world as Kaguya and he was a warrior who must have been close to her. This might have been on a personal level or just as a bodyguard.

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