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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 14 discussion

Episode 13 discussion can be viewed here

Obligatory Serika picture ♥

This episode features a new opening and ending song which aren't bad, but not as good as the first songs in my opinion. If the series goes on for longer than 26 episodes, I'd like to see how well the next songs do.

Hibito from the opening

Looking into the past of Naoto Fukuda and how he decided to choose work over his family. He was determined to make his dream a reality to probably make his daughter look at him in a better light. Though with the amount of time he wasn't spending with his daughter, it's no wonder he was replaced by another man. Quitting his job in order to join the exam only further shows his determination, but after how he treated his family, I don't plan to cheer him on.

Pressured situation
What he left behind

Yasushi Furuya also has some character development. He isn't such a bad guy as his personality originally suggested. He's easy to get along with and seems willing to either follow other's games or make them himself and now Mutta must call him Ya-san.  He would never admit it, but he gets along with Mutta really well along with the other 3 candidates. He even swallowed his pride and stubbornness to have JAXA order new glasses. It wasn't his fault, but it at least it returns the playing field back to how it was.

Friends with a monkey
Swallowing his pride

I'd like to see everyone have more character development, even the ones on different teams to Mutta, but for now, other than the main three, I wouldn't mind seeing Reiji Nitta or Yasushi Furuya become astronauts. Although Reiji keeps his emotions under control, it's not like he's hiding anything or his personality is ruined, we just don't see what he's like under pressure or if he even gets stressed.

Smiling at funny faces isn't so bad

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Cely belly said... [reply]

I find Ya-san to be very funny. He walks like a monkey XD. But yeah, I can't accept the choices Fukuda has made either.

I do hope we get interesting development from Reiji soon. He really doesn't seem like a bad guy.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

@Cely belly
I don't think he is a bad guy, he's just restricting his emotions and actions to look the the best he can for JAXA.

-blacksheep said... [reply]

I really like how this episode actually showed a different side of Ya-san. Since he ordered for the glasses without everyone's knowledge, I bet everyone will just think that JAXA voluntarily did it -.- oh well..

I wouldn't mind Nitta become an astronaut as well. He seems to actually make the cut.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Nitta will focus on the job, but might not get close to other people. It'd be nicer for him to open up to everyone.

Shizuo said... [reply]

I can't imagine if I were in Fukuda's position, it's very complicated situation in my opinion

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

choose a healthy balance of a social and work life. It's ok to work hard, but don't go ruining your relationships for a dream that might not come true.

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