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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 15 discussion

Episode 14 discussion can be viewed here

JAXA noticed Mutta's lie in episode 12 and it is decided his answer wasn't wrong so his score isn't affected. Lies aren't bad if you aren't caught so as long as he doesn't go overboard, he shouldn't lose everyone's trust. This turns out to be good information suggesting JAXA is the one making the final decision on who becomes an astronaut. Although they may still base their final result based on what the candidates decide.

The correct answer

Tension is rising in both Kenji's and Mutta's groups. A mysterious alarm for Kenji and a broken clock for Mutta. At first I assumed it was JAXA as a way to see reactions , but it's pretty much guaranteed they won't enter the closed environment. The alarm mystery is still unsolved, but it was helped by Kenji. Next is the clock which I'm confused to why Fukuda would do it. He was presented with a new pair of glasses to return the playing field back to normal so foul play is unexpected. His own selfish reasons are the only thing I can think of.

Paranoia has affected him the most
The culprit

Mutta does a great job of returning the situation back to normal. During another test, this time a pictureless jigsaw (again useless to space and just to test stress), Mutta manages to explain the "reality" of the situation. The time is technically wrong when they are so far from Earth's gravity, but blaming JAXA is also logical to keep the peace. And to solve a jigsaw, the logical place to start are the corners and edges as they have the least variations.

We are in space
It's a start

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-blacksheep said... [reply]

and I thought that JAXA wouldn't find out Mutta's lie. lol.

I guess that could be why Fukuda would do it. He must be so desperate right now. x_x

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I thought he'd have been able to see the odometre.

Desperation leads to rash decisions. It might benefit him somehow right now, but evn he may need the clock later on.

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