Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 18 discussion

Episode 17 discussion can be viewed here

I think mutta has the most difficult green card. Nitta had to break the toilet, but wet trousers could be concealed if he really tried. Mutta needs to startle his group. I'm sure everyone will understand since they have received similar orders. It is best this card was saved for last.

He startled Serika
Shuffle shuffle shuffle

It's great to see Kenji push away door to door salesmen especially when their product is so weak. There is a low chance the stone is actually from a meteorite and likely a man made item, but there is the possibility it's a natural crystal being sold as a fake power enhancer.

Devil's advocate

I especially like JAXA this episode because they probably ordered the point system to be deleted. Now Kenji's group is likely to in a similar way to Mutta's group. This finally leads to Kenji stating they probably don't have power to make astronauts. With this, he shouldn't have any problem withdrawing from selection as the final decision would come down to JAXA. It's too bad there is no way JAXA would look at it in positive light.

Ka-pe papa

Fuuka's Ka-pe is enough to reassure himself to staying in the competition as it really means Ganbare (good luck). It's adorable how she can't pronounce words properly and even better she understands just how much the exam means to Kenji.

Papa wa ka-pe

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