Thursday, 30 August 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 20-21 discussion

Episode 19 discussion can be viewed here

I expected them to choose based on chance and I'm not really disappointed. They chose rock, paper, scissors as suggested by Ya-san and Mutta. I find it annoying they've stalled on revealing the winners when it will only take a few seconds. I'm confident Mutta will be chosen, but he might be chosen by JAXA as the extra astronaut.

Jan ken pon

I want to know >_< Mutta and Kenji have been suggested not to have been chosen so the preview only means the better of the two should get chosen. I can't think of anyone else that could be chosen. A choice between Mutta and Kenji... I'd first choose Kenji because of his leadership skills, but then Mutta for his all around good skills. This is unfair, it's too hard to choose just one.

Memory of test 3
Kenji or Mutta

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 6-8 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

I'm glad I finished the first arc before leaving for my holiday. It let me come back to something new. With the gender bender part finished, they've moved onto fulfilling their strongest desires at any given moment. This could lead to the same scenario as Iori and the bridge since a simple thought of suicide could become really bad. I only see this sort of thing happening for Taichi as he's probably the only one willing to die for someone else. I like the desire to sleep longer, but I don't think I need a voice to in my head to help me with that.

Wake up Onii chan

Heartseed's ultimate goal is to be entertained or to help them learn more about themselves. I can't actually see how desires will help anyone. Under any normal situation they'd easily control their desires to act socially acceptable. I don't think Iori will find out her deepest desire since it just doesn't work like that, the destination is only found through searching. She might want to get closer to Taichi and even get to the next level like Inaba. As for Inaba, she's avoiding almost everything that would set her off. She had a problem with trusting people, but that should be solved from the first arc.

Inaba's sexual desire

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Sword Art Online episode 6-8 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Episode 6
I didn't expect them to fake their deaths in such a way, but it worked. I don't like SAO as a mystery, we just don't have enough information about the world to make good guesses. I'll stick to Hyouka as my mystery anime. The spirit at the end is likely nothing more than an insanely accurate imagination. Or maybe when they die they become ghosts able to watch others fight. They're suppose to die in real life so this is unlikely. It must be because of the area is a grave and is from some kind of effect.

Because ghosts exist in SAO

Episode 7
The clueless protagonist has attracted another girl and doesn't realise an obvious confession. It's usually the girl who friend zones the guy. Well, only Asuna will manage to get into his heart since she will be the one fighting with him on the front lines.

I'm falling for you

Episode 8
I thought skill points would be used on useful abilities. Cooking should not  need to be maxed out, but leveled to the point where they can make food. I guess that means they can get hungry in SAO. But actually this is all part of Asuna's plan to get to Kirito's heart. When looking at the other girls, none of them have anything special about them for the real world, if you actually consider S class cooking special.

If Asuna has teamed up with Kirito it must mean the main story has finally begun. It still doesn't hold back the fanservice, but the action is what really makes me enjoy this episode. A boss battle for just Asuna and kirito will be great now Asuna can fight instead of just being simple help like in the  second episode.

Asuna's cute when angry

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 17 discussion

Episode 16 discussion can be viewed here

Looks like Dizelmine is evil if he's willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve his goal under the name peace. Now it's obvious he doesn't care about Lan or her friends. At least Villagiulio had a clear objective for peace with fewer sacrifices in mind. Killing Madoka... or destroying the Vox is a better idea than trying to aimlessly control the Vox after seeing how uncontrollable that power is.

Dizemine is evil

With Madoka and Yurikano having switched bodies, it'll be interesting to see who pilots the Vox. It could be Yurikano with Madoka's soul or Madoka's body with her dna. I'm sure it'll come down to whichever has the crest. They're pushing towards the prophecy more and more despite the clear warnings. Madoka needs to report these things. For the next episode I expect Yurikano to go back into Rinne to close it or she might manage to close it from the outside.

Yurikano as Madoka

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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 19 discussion

Episode 18 discussion can be viewed here

Kenji finally succeeded in bringing everyone together. This shows his leadership skills and the fact he never gave up. I have no doubt in him becoming an astronaut. I don't know about everyone else in team B as they seemed to be there just to fill the spaces and the rival served as a simple challenge. They haven't had the same amount of character development as team A.

Good feeling

Mutta had a good sense of adventure as a child which his school friends didn't share. He always had his brother, but it's always more fun with more people. With everyone having similar interests, he doesn't need to hold back and can have a lot of fun discussing with his new friends. With Tardigrades coming up in this episode, it reminded me of this video I saw a while back.

Space topics

Team A had a decent amount of development for each character. Other than Mutta as the obvious answer, I wonder who else could be chosen. After the entire time inside, I like all of them even though Fukuda had a bad back story. I wonder how they will decide the winners. A deep discussion would be interesting but most likely lead nowhere. I can only predict a random pick.

Serika must be chosen

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Monday, 6 August 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

Why do the girls like Taichi? He's helped them, but like many harems he has no special traits that I can see. Iori/Heartseed climbs onto a ledge with a clear intention to jump and Taichi does nothing. The moment she got up there, he should have been trying to get her down. At least he could have tried and then get beaten down by Heartseed's self defence.

I blame Taichi

Being forced to choose who dies is pretty cruel to leave to characters with so much to live for. The best answer is for the owner to die with their body. It's better than living on as someone else and living with the guilt. Taichi was willing to sacrifice himself for Iori yet it seems wrong. To be honest, he seems more likely to commit suicide than Iori. Maybe he hates life or strives to give his existence meaning.
Iori in hospital

Inaba was especially cute with Iori's personality. Stealing Inaba's first kiss was fine when Iori was going to die, but with that not happening, it might be a little harder to forgive. Well now he should have Iori as a girlfriend unless that became null and void. I wonder how Heartseed would have reacted if they had chosen someone else to die. It's not the logical answer, but it might turn out to be a better situation. Iori could lead a better life in Taichi's body, but she would never actually be Taichi.

Aw don't cry

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Sword Art Online episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

With this episode we're led to believe player kills are impossible in safe areas. Can you commit suicide in a village? That one guy in episode 3 must have died in the safe zone unless under the bridge is not actually safe. So that's another exploit to the system since you probably indirectly kill. So dying from hanging, falling or stabbing yourself could be possible. Only the sword is a mystery so Kirito should have stabbed himself to help with the answer.

A mysterious player kill

I wonder if they faked their deaths. They saw someone die, but if there is some kind of substitute ability, it'll serve as a decoy when fighting monsters and the ability to fake deaths. This is easier for the first death but unlikely for the second. Why did she have to fall outside of the window? It would have been easier to fall inside to get help. I just hope she didn't fake her death and she's behind it.


I'm curious how she was killed in her room. I'd expect some kind of protection from the outside to keep out players. especially the windows when they are linked to the outside. A simple barrier should avoid sleep pks and the spear throwing ability.

Beware of sleep killers

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 16 discussion

Episode 15 discussion can be viewed here

Yurikano is still acting like a child loyal to Dizelmine. She lost her memory back to when she was a child yet doesn't recognise Villagiulio as her brother. This makes the memory loss more of a selective case. I'm not completely sure what Madoka met in her cockpit, but right now I see it as part of Yurikano's soul broken off to prevent Midori from acting up again which explains why child Yurikano knows nothing about it. I guess her memory could have been altered so that she recognises Dizelmine as her brother instead of Villagiulio.


Moid is still as mysterious as he was from season 1. I'm not sure his loyalty lies with Dizelmine completely. It was his fault for Yurikano coming to Earth. This interested Madoka into going to space with Lan. Well, he always knew more than he was letting on so I'm not too surprised if this is all part of his plan. It's clearly heading to fulfil the prophecy and Madoka is ignoring every warning. Yurikano's attempted murder and the flower in this episode.


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