Monday, 6 August 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

Why do the girls like Taichi? He's helped them, but like many harems he has no special traits that I can see. Iori/Heartseed climbs onto a ledge with a clear intention to jump and Taichi does nothing. The moment she got up there, he should have been trying to get her down. At least he could have tried and then get beaten down by Heartseed's self defence.

I blame Taichi

Being forced to choose who dies is pretty cruel to leave to characters with so much to live for. The best answer is for the owner to die with their body. It's better than living on as someone else and living with the guilt. Taichi was willing to sacrifice himself for Iori yet it seems wrong. To be honest, he seems more likely to commit suicide than Iori. Maybe he hates life or strives to give his existence meaning.
Iori in hospital

Inaba was especially cute with Iori's personality. Stealing Inaba's first kiss was fine when Iori was going to die, but with that not happening, it might be a little harder to forgive. Well now he should have Iori as a girlfriend unless that became null and void. I wonder how Heartseed would have reacted if they had chosen someone else to die. It's not the logical answer, but it might turn out to be a better situation. Iori could lead a better life in Taichi's body, but she would never actually be Taichi.

Aw don't cry

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feal87 said... [reply]

Iori!!! God how painful was to watch Iori going "I don't want to die"...>_<

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

For now Iori will be fine. Besides, Taichi and Iori stole Inaba's first kiss. Inaba might just end up killing Taichi.

feal87 said... [reply]


Ahahah, now that would be a twist! :D

Tonberry said... [reply]

I bet Inaba is actually secretly squealing in glee in her head :P

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I'm sure she doesn't mind, but I bet she wants the first hand experience.

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