Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sword Art Online episode 13 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

It's nice to see them live their daily life again. I love how Asuna is over excited while Kirito would rather be somewhere else. Fishing is a game of patience after all. They've made friends with the towns people and even went to a fishing event. With the situation on the front lines getting worse each floor they move up, they are going to struggle to make it back there. They are needed on the front given there is no way they'd be able to make it out with the strongest players.

Detest and excitement
Help me

I really enjoyed the boss battle, but it's as if only the main characters are strong enough to fight against it. Everyone else is made out to be average. It's acceptable the background characters are dying, but not when they seem so weak in comparison with both equipment and skill. I wonder how they'd do in the final boss battle. Only other option is they manage to get out some other way. As much as I hate this idea, I bet Kayaba will let them out early...

The Skull Reaper

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 24 discussion

Episode 23 discussion can be viewed here

A happy ending for everyone. All the important characters are alive and even the problem they were fighting over was solved. Too bad it was just too simple to have been all solved by the Rinne. I'm even going to blame Moid's disappearance on the Rinne as well because that was left unexplained. They should still be trying to find him because he should still be a threat in their eyes. Well, unless his disappearance was caught on camera.

Old friends

Dizelmine has probably been forgiven. He doesn't hold the same rage as before and Moid is no longer here. His so called punishment is becoming around 12 years old, but that's more of a side effect than punishment. Now Lan's older than him and serving as queen similar to how Muginami took Villagiulio's place. Instead of war, they are more focused on helping people like jersey club members.


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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 25 discussion

Episode 24 discussion can be viewed here

When Hibito became an astronaut, three members were cut at the stage Mutta is currently at. The number of candidates dropped may change to be more of less, but let's drop anyone we don't have an attachment to. So they should keep Nitta, Kenji, Serika, Mutta and I guess Mizoguchi. I wonder if we'll get to see Nitta and Mizoguchi have their interviews because they haven't had much character development in comparison to the other three.

serika san

It's good to see Mutta training for the interview. What they will be asked is unknown, so instead training his mind and body to better condition is all he can do. Peak physical health will also improve his mental abilities. Now we can only hope Mutta doesn't screw up the interview and Azuma acts professional.

Useless against the weather

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Both Aoki and Yui managed to successfully overcome their past. Any lingering feelings he had for Nana have been accepted and let go in order to allow him to properly focus on Yui. This follows through to when Aoki regressed back to his shouta form. Similar to how Inaba had an attachment to Taichi in the previous episode, Aoki having his feelings straight, he can finally recognise Yui as Yui and not Nana.

Meeting his past

Yui was forced to remember her past, but that was probably what pushed her to move forward. Understanding how she felt back then and knowing how her situation has improved was enough to help her. With her bold move, maybe it's time fore Yui and Aoki to date, or maybe after Heartseed is finally satisfied.

Yui cured

Taichi was found out by Inaba. It was going to happen eventually as secrets never stay secret for long. It's not really Taichi's fault, it was a natural response given he had the information. I wouldn't complain if he told them and Heartseed 2 never stopped the regressing. I expect him to tell her to trust him since the consequence is too great. But Inaba should have figured out the scenario by now. Each time something has happened, someone has been helped.

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sword Art Online episode 12 discussion

Episode 11 discussion can be viewed here

Yet more well executed trauma for Kirito and Asuna. Yui turns out to be AI designed to keep sanity in SAO and it's a shame she was killed off so quickly. Being on Kirito's side would only have made him too overpowered and make the game too easy. Removing her powers and admin rights would have made her useless, but she'd still be around and that makes all the difference. The errors caused to Yui's program might have given her the ability to feel emotion better than how she would have previously emulated it.

Yui ♥
Grim Reaper

Instead of having Kayaba control all of SAO, it's left to an automatic AI called Cardinal.  I thought he would want to watch over while keeping them trapped, but now I'm not so sure. There are limits to using human judgement so I think AI would always win in this situation. Well, depending what his actual goal is, I expect him to be watching over the players at the very least.

Cardinal's control

I'm amazed at how well Kirito managed to use the terminal. It goes far past what any beater should know. Since no one could technically own Yui it won't be like Pina, so I don't know the specifics about how she'll be revived. As long as they have her heart, I have hope that I'll see her again.

Yui's heart

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 23 discussion

Episode 22 discussion can be viewed here

Villagiulio is still alive, so all that's left to do is finish the job. I doubt that this will happen, but it would give a better sense of realism. Dizelmine dying or receiving punishment is also unlikely as almost all of the blame lies on Moid. So Dizelmine should be forgiven once purged of his mindless rage. Maybe he'll be killed in the process instead.

The power of friendship -_-"

In the end the girls actually fought against him with friendship (or teamwork). I don't see anything specific to skill, just Madoka's finishing throw used by all of them at once. In any fight like this, I always wonder why Dizelmine was taking his time in killing the girls. They have enough time to talk and eat while he does nothing so I don't know anymore.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 24 discussion

Episode 23 discussion can be viewed here

The Apo alarm clock is a perfect way to get Mutta to be more productive. He'd feel more awake from a sharp shock so Hibito could try throwing a bucket of water on him instead. After several times being forced awake, it's only right for him to get his revenge. This is the point when he should realise he's woken up before the Apo alarm and be thankful, but instead he takes the opportunity to scare Apo with a hockey mask.

Scared Apo
Mutta's revenge

It was nice to see how similar Hibito and Mutta actually are. The learning skill suits Mutta best since he has always shown his memory and OCD to fix things. It is also no surprise to see Hibito's skill because he is to be the first Japanese on the moon.

Hibito's skill in action

Azuma's character is given a sense of jealousy because of Hibito being the first Japanese on the moon, but I don't know if he really holds a grudge. Instead he doesn't express his emotions and people could be getting the wrong idea. Hoshika was biased for Mutta so it's only fair Mutta receives the opposite treatment. Azuma should be fair and decide based ob skill not relationships. Like in the third exam, Mutta will need to earn his place.

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Body switching, unleashing desires and now turning into children. This is by far the best thing to happen to them. This time they become like they were in the past but caused by a second Heartseed using Taichi's sister. They recognised the unchanged members, but that could be from before they changed instead of having met each other before. Especially Inaba with her so called untrusting nature and not getting close to anyone. She has an attachment to Taichi, but that could be from how Yui and Iori acted.

Loli Iori and Yui
Unable to resist Inaba ♥
Loli Inaba

I want to see shouta Taichi, but as Heartseed 2 met him, I don't think he'll be changing since he was given an important role. They should try writing his name on the board and force him to change. I am happy with the others changing, especially Inaba, but the set must be completed.

Christmas imouto

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sword Art Online episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Kirito's and Asuna's daily life was portrayed beautifully, having fun and developing their relationship further. They're only missing a child to create a proper family. Enter Yui, a girl without a cursor, no memories and the perfect addition to their family. It's not the first time they've seen a ghost, episode 6, so it shouldn't have been such a shock. I don't care if she's a ghost, she's adorable. It's an added bonus she pronounces their names as Kito and Auna.

Together forever

These safe zone fights offer an interesting idea. Fight all you want without fear of losing HP, but feel pain from each strike. It seems more like what the player killer guilds would do as a form of torture given just how much Kuradeel enjoyed hurting Kirito.


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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 22 discussion

Episode 18-21 discussion can be viewed here

If Asteria had actually mentioned the exact events of the first Vox disaster, this could have been avoided. Villagiulio is probably dead, but it's just too similar to the end of the first season. There's still time for a happy ending, everyone could still be saved.

Villagiulio's death

I'm not sure Dizelmine is evil anymore. Holding a grudge for years is a little too much. Instead he seems more blinded by rage caused by inanity, Moid? If he was doing the same experiment as Lan and Madoka, it makes sense for him to be insane and I guess how his Ovid became a Vox. They have always reacted to emotions so with Dizelmine's rage, the girls should try fighting with love and friendship...

Love and friendship

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 23 discussion

Episode 22 discussion can be viewed here

I really believed Kenji wasn't going to become an astronaut, but now i his chance to choose his daughter over his dream, but it means Hoshika's screw proved to be right. The previous episode made Mutta out to be the better candidate, but both of them were curious to why the other had not been chosen. I guess this makes them even instead of one being better than the other.

Mukku Ka-pe
Cheered on by Fuuka

It's great to see how Teshima chose to continue the exam to win, but then pursue his own dream when he realised exactly what he wanted. His designs seem to be based on Earth's sea life. He only had that and his own imagination so it is great speculation. I wonder if we'll see Teshima again since he won over his father and will not be advancing in the exam.

Alien life

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

It's nice Inaba and Iori can remain friends after falling in love with the same guy. It could have destroyed their relationship, but Heartseed must have known the outcome since he's able to control them so simply. Next he can work on Yui's and Aoki's romance. It depends what his next scheme is.

Taichi, she's vulnerable

I like Inaba better when she's showing her emotions. She's far cuter than Iori given how rarely she'll give an emotional outburst. This makes 2 kisses for Inaba and 1 kiss for Iori's soul. I wonder who Taichi will choose now that he has the choice between both of them. Iori is always happy and currently Taichi's love interest, but Inaba is now cuter in my eyes. I vote harem ending.

And embarrassment

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Sword Art Online episode 10 discussion

Episode 9 discussion can be viewed here

After seeing heathcliff's weapon and shield, I expected him to be slow or at least slower than Kirito when using his ultimate skill. Kirito is purely offensive while Heathcliff is well balanced in offensive and defensive so the outcome isn't unexpected, but Heathcliff's speed when blocking Kirito's last attack was kind of strange. It's probably a unique skill as Asuna said. With Kirito's loss and his new uniform, he looks better in black.

Get your black coat back

Knowing there are paralysis potions, it would be hard for me to accept someone else's food and drinks. I never liked Kuradeel and now we never have to see him again but this trauma is enough to get Kirito in bed with Asuna and hopefully make them run away from the guild. Even if Kirito didn't mean for sex, Asuna stripping is more than enough for any normal human. It's clearly what she wanted. With Kirito's proposal, they can escape as one.

Successful seduction
Finally the kiss scene

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rinne no Lagrange episode 18-21 discussion

Episode 17 discussion can be viewed here

After all of their fighting, Dizelmine and Villagiulio have finally decided to look for a better solution to the problem at hand. Going by the previous times with Yurikano and Asteria, they looked like they were in a Vox. So the logical answer is not to use the Vox and hope for the best. Despite Madoka's vow to not use the Vox, they will definitely fight again.


Dizelmine quickly reverts back to how he was with a new opportunity given to him by Moid. That settles it, he's evil. I'm not even sure what he wants as his actions don't suggest a solution to their problem.


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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 22 discussion

Episode 20-21 discussion can be viewed here

They stalled for three episodes, but we finally know Mutta gets to pass onto the next stage while Kenji is left behind. This is a great opportunity for Kenji to stay with his daughter and find another dream closer to home. He has an ambitious mind so he'd be able to do anything if he sets his mind to it. Fukuda could also reunite with his daughter and start fixing their relationship. If he had gone to space would it have been impossible.

Mutta pass confirmation

It's nice to see how they became such good friends after the two weeks. Their bonds are much stronger than when the first group went drinking where they were more like co workers than friends. Like this, I expect them to meet again in a few years and catch up on good times. This sort of relationship might have been what pushed Mutta ahead of Kenji. Even though the judges didn't seem to understand why Mutta chose rock, paper, scissors.

Good friends

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 9 discussion

Episode 6-8 discussion can be viewed here

Aoki got to be the one to help her this time. Taichi taught Yui the pain of being a man, while Aoki gave her the choice of spending a night in a love hotel. I don't know if he'd really be able to control himself and Yui might have feelings strong enough to lose control too.

These desires are suppose to help?
How to win her heart.

With their desire to eat unleashed, Aoki's idea of being able to control himself has been proven wrong. Without Yui to really knock some sense into him, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. . Maybe it's specific to hurting others, but I can't see them stopping themselves so easily even with a little mental defence.

The joys of food

Since Inaba has been confronted by Heartseed, her feelings for Taichi have been confirmed. I'm excited to see how everything will play out. Locking her feelings away for the sake of others is noble, but is potentially destructive. And we can't forget it was Taichi and Inaba that kissed.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Sword Art Online episode 9 discussion

Episode 6-8 discussion can be viewed here

So Kirito reveals his ultimate skill, Star Burst Stream, and it was amazing. He pretty much soloed the boss with very little help from Asuna and Klein. I don't doubt Kirito's lack of knowledge and neither should the other players. Under this death game scenario, they should be happy they have an overpowered player able to fight so well against a boss of this level. It's probably based on the skills he chose and maybe his items. It must be too late for others to get the same skill by now.

Duel blades

Asuna jumped into battle to save the other players, but she didn't make much difference against the boss. All she really did was cause a minor distraction. She wouldn't have been able to do it without Kirito and might have gotten killed along with the others. I was hoping for Asuna to make a decent contribution to the fight, but I'm not really disappointed with Kirito's skill. I hope Asuna doesn't let her emotions take over again.

Kirito making her cry

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

I've been tagged by -blacksheep so I'm obliged to answer questions, but I don't see the rule for being obliged to tag others or create your own questions. Original post and rules can be found here which was created by Iso from Nabe!!.

  1. What anime/manga has made an impact to your life?
    • Nothing specifically stands out. There are anime centred around achieving their dreams such as Space Brothers and even Naruto.  It just helps me to stay focused in deciding what I want to achieve later on in my life.
  1. Setting aside the story/plot/synopsis, what's the next thing you consider in choosing an anime to watch?
    • I don't usually go for plot as my first choice anymore. I watch most anime blind so It's either a random pick or recommendation. I'll get to Hanasaku Iroha soon, I hope.
  1. Who is the anime character that resembles you the most in terms of personality?
    • Souta Takanashi from Working is just as into cute and smalls things as me, but he is blind to Inami's cuteness. I wouldn't be against a shy boy or girl like Inami being around me. It would be worth it in the end especially as you'd never see a someone punching a girl for comedy.
  1. Do you buy anime merchandise (figures, BDs, OSTs, etc)?
    • Mainly anime DVDs and Manga. With Clannad finally available in the UK, I'll need to buy that at some point. I also have Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master Nendroid figures. They are really cute, but designed badly when trying to make them stand up.
  1. What anime/manga made you an anime/manga enthusiast (not necessarily have to be your first anime)?
    • Clannad was my first, but it didn't really make me an enthusiast. I just kept watching because it was a great experience and at this point I realise I'm watching anime as it airs. Every anime has it's flaws so it's a collection of everything good I've watched instead of just one.

I could skip the next part as I don't intend to tag others. You can answer the questions if you want.

  1. Would you rather watch Japanese or dubbed anime?
    • I'd go with the original Japanese with subtitles, but DVDs with the dub available is a great chance for a different experience with the same anime. Assuming the voice actors are actually good at what they do, it's not as bad an experience as others make out. It's just I can notice mistakes easier in the dub since I can't understand much Japanese.
  1. Which anime world would you like to live in?
    • Most anime I've seen are set in the real world or school so it becomes less about choosing the world and more about the characters. Um... K-on! Eating cakes and drinking tea with cute girls seems appealing. I can't play an instrument, but I'll leave that to the plot...

This is where I'm struggling to think of questions. It did say "up to 5" which I'll take to mean 0-5 questions.