Monday, 17 September 2012

Kokoro Connect episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

Body switching, unleashing desires and now turning into children. This is by far the best thing to happen to them. This time they become like they were in the past but caused by a second Heartseed using Taichi's sister. They recognised the unchanged members, but that could be from before they changed instead of having met each other before. Especially Inaba with her so called untrusting nature and not getting close to anyone. She has an attachment to Taichi, but that could be from how Yui and Iori acted.

Loli Iori and Yui
Unable to resist Inaba ♥
Loli Inaba

I want to see shouta Taichi, but as Heartseed 2 met him, I don't think he'll be changing since he was given an important role. They should try writing his name on the board and force him to change. I am happy with the others changing, especially Inaba, but the set must be completed.

Christmas imouto

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feal87 said... [reply]

Christmas imouto was lovely as well. Unfortunately it got a bit "downsized" by the other cuteness in this episode...:P

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

No one could compete with Inaba's cuteness.

ShizuoCell P said... [reply]

Loli Inaban, loli nagase, and cute imouto.

Ouchhh, too much cuteness in this episode =w=

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

@ShizuoCell P
Loli Inaba is all I need. Everyone else is bonus.

Cely belly said... [reply]

OMG LOLIBAN *__* Am I a lolicon now? lol

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

@Cely belly
Lolis are cute and that's all that matters.

-blacksheep said... [reply]

the best thing about this is that we get to see loli version of everyone!! XD

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Lolis are good and all, but we need Taichi for the set to be complete.

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