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Sword Art Online episode 13 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

It's nice to see them live their daily life again. I love how Asuna is over excited while Kirito would rather be somewhere else. Fishing is a game of patience after all. They've made friends with the towns people and even went to a fishing event. With the situation on the front lines getting worse each floor they move up, they are going to struggle to make it back there. They are needed on the front given there is no way they'd be able to make it out with the strongest players.

Detest and excitement
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I really enjoyed the boss battle, but it's as if only the main characters are strong enough to fight against it. Everyone else is made out to be average. It's acceptable the background characters are dying, but not when they seem so weak in comparison with both equipment and skill. I wonder how they'd do in the final boss battle. Only other option is they manage to get out some other way. As much as I hate this idea, I bet Kayaba will let them out early...

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feal87 said... [reply]

Yeah, I thought that as well. Everyone apart the main characters were depicted as "useless" and that's quite sad considering they should be of the same level in order to challenge that content...:|

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

They might do well as decoys instead...

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