Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 24 discussion

Episode 23 discussion can be viewed here

The Apo alarm clock is a perfect way to get Mutta to be more productive. He'd feel more awake from a sharp shock so Hibito could try throwing a bucket of water on him instead. After several times being forced awake, it's only right for him to get his revenge. This is the point when he should realise he's woken up before the Apo alarm and be thankful, but instead he takes the opportunity to scare Apo with a hockey mask.

Scared Apo
Mutta's revenge

It was nice to see how similar Hibito and Mutta actually are. The learning skill suits Mutta best since he has always shown his memory and OCD to fix things. It is also no surprise to see Hibito's skill because he is to be the first Japanese on the moon.

Hibito's skill in action

Azuma's character is given a sense of jealousy because of Hibito being the first Japanese on the moon, but I don't know if he really holds a grudge. Instead he doesn't express his emotions and people could be getting the wrong idea. Hoshika was biased for Mutta so it's only fair Mutta receives the opposite treatment. Azuma should be fair and decide based ob skill not relationships. Like in the third exam, Mutta will need to earn his place.

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