Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sword Art Online episode 16 discussion

Episode 15 discussion can be viewed here

Kirito enters the land of the fairies, Alfheim online, in order to save Asuna and probably leave the other 300 in their comas. Due to the SAO servers copying over to ALO, it likely carried over Asuna nd the other 300 along with Kirito's stats and levels. Kirito already seemed overpowered in SAO, but skipping the level up process will enable him to save Asuna quicker. Luckily Yui returns instead of being unreadable like the rest of Kirito's items. Asuna needs to be saved quickly to recreate the family.

Pixie form

Now that Kirito has gone back online, Suguha needs to follow him. She's strong enough to stand by his side with her kendo skills and with the system to add support, she's far stronger than the weak knights, especially if she wasn't outnumbered. With random character appearance, neither of them should recognise each other despite the voices being the same. Ignorance is bliss. She can fall in love with Kirito since she can't love Kazuto Kirigaya.


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feal87 said... [reply]

It's going to be a long wait until the happy end considering this ALo story takes all the rest of the anime series...:P

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I'll be patient and enjoy the ride like with SAO.

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