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Sword Art Online episode 17 discussion

Episode 16 discussion can be viewed here

Kirito knows nothing of ALO's world and yet is super powerful. Maybe skills really are based on their own athletic abilities, but they should have realised Kirito was a new player and over powered. A new player far away from their home territory is also just too suspicious. So the logical answer is they're just as airheaded as Kirito.

Pocket pixie

Suguha really didn't notice Kirito was really her brother. There was the moment when he was looking desperate I thought she'd recognise him from that. Kirito even looks like his human self, but we are seeing everything animated so unless they live reality in animation, they probably have just the games animated. She wouldn't necessarily recognise his name because Kirito did mention keeping what happened inside SAO a secret from everyone.

Thinking of Kirito

The enemy, Nobuyuki Sugou, is targeting more than just Asuna by conducting hidden human experiments on the minds of those transferred from SAO. While the potential of the brain could be reached with experiments, the dangers and ethical problems are the major problems. Erasing memories and killing the person they were known as is cruel especially if they won't be able to retrieve the memories. It's all for his selfish reasons.

Evil fairy king

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feal87 said... [reply]

Can I get a pocket pixie too? She's so lovely! *_*

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Suguha recognised her as a private pixie so having one of your own is possible. You just can't have Yui, she belongs to Asuna and Kirito.

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