Monday, 12 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

Junichiro identifies the bones by the nicely shaped skull and that's not something Samon could replicate if Junichiro kept quiet about his interest. If Hakaze really did die, the tree of Genesis would most likely choose another mage to grant devine protection to. This is also a likely scenario if  for some reason Hakaze betrayed the tree. As Hakaze is not technically dead on the island, she has the possibility to escape even though she's identified as dead on the mainland. I think she could be in a closed off space, but that doesn't explain how the bottle managed to get to Mahiro. Assuming Samon isn't lying, he had the bones collected and believes she's dead himself, but after the mages talked to her in the aquarium, he must be setting up counter measures just in case.

Hakaze's skeleton

I guess Mahiro's one kind act in episode 4 wasn't a one time thing after all. While I didn't think he'd just leave Yoshino to be kidnapped, I didn't expect him to leave everything for Yoshino. Maybe he can't bare to lose his only "trustworthy" friend. At least this will be the case until he finds out who Aika's boyfriend is. It's been confirmed that Mahiro and Aika aren't blood related so a relationship was possible and while Aika was willing, Mahiro obviously wasn't. I was so sure he wanted a relationship and with Aika's offer, it's strange for her to end up with Yoshino.

Aika's offer

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