Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Mahiro really doesn't understand love, but he know's he has an interest in Aika. I wonder if Aika or Yoshino had explained his feelings, would they have ended up in a relationship or would he brush them off as something else. Yoshino and Aika would probably have broken up since I see their relationship as a way for Aika to experience love only because it's impossible to meet boys under Mahiro's protection. It's also very exciting to go behind Mahiro's back.

How could she not have a boyfriend?

Yoshino and Aika tried so hard to get their first kiss, but Mahiro went and ruined. Then Aika decided to call it off. Now I'm not sure if they've had their first kiss. Aika might really be an evil temptress who's cast her spell on Yoshino. Mahiro is easy to understand as he himself and his life is straight forward. He was a rich boy and had no friends because of his parents and that must have led him to pretty much giving up on anything he deemed unimportant. Aika however understands the situation far better than even Yoshino and Mahiro. Even with the same education as Mahiro, knowing the situation so well is too suspicious.

Evil temptress
Sunflowers are watching

I've read in forums about the anime being different to the original manga so I'm planning to start reading the manga up to where I am in the anime. This way, I'll still be able to theorise when the anime airs, but I get to see any major changes they made to the story.

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