Monday, 26 November 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 8 discussion

Episode 7 discussion can be viewed here

So after reading some of the manga, the main difference I can see is Mahiro's kindness. He's still out to avenge his sister, but he hasn't shown any real kindness like in the anime. The whole flashback in episode 4 isn't in the manga and he didn't give any kind of offering to the dead. It's the same with episode 6, Mahiro doesn't leave the talisman because Yoshino wasn't kidnapped so he didn't have the chance test his friendship. It might be that the manga never gave Mahiro the chance to be the good guy, but the manga portrays him purely as avenging his sister. I prefer it this way as the random acts of kindness seemed wrong for his character.

Back to episode 8, Hakaze's plan is pretty simple. Threaten Samon and hope to be brought back to the future. She was so confident because the thought of being dead was so impossible, but as it turns out, she really is dead in the present. Although she is alive in the past, she's dead in the present. So it's very likely she would still die within the two years. As long as she obeys the laws of time, she can come back somehow.

Having the tree of Zetsuen revive to fight the tree of Genesis is reckless. If Genesis is willing to cause many deaths because of the revival of Zetsuen, it would only get worse when it is actually revived. But if the iron syndrome is caused by Genesis, what is the real offering to Zetsuen? I can only see it as a similar civilisation offering. Maybe they aren't polar opposites, but rivals even though Zetsuen has always been made out to be evil.

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