Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prunus Girl Manga Review

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Prunus trees commonly bear stone fruit such as cherries. This is reminiscent of the first chapter where Maki met Aikawa amongst the falling cherry blossom, but other than how they met, I can't see how the title has any significance to the rest of the manga.

Prunus Girl is a weird gender bender in which we are told that Aikawa is male, but there is still the mystery about whether he really is or not. The manga focuses on the school life of Aikawa and Maki. Aikawa is very playful in everything he does and just wants to have fun. He takes potential situations with Maki and makes them sexual because it's more fun that way. Maki on the other hand is more relaxed and seems to just go along with Aikawa because they became friends.

Overall the art stays strong as each chapter passes and where it counts, it is really amazing, then simplifying the style when it is no longer necessary. My only problem is when the art is showing a character's disgust as it's simply ugly in comparison to the rest of the art. It's not something that would deter me from continuing to read it or recommending it to others, mainly because it's short term and quickly returns to the better style.

Aikawa stating that he is male and still managing to achieve a strong bond with Maki shows that gender doesn't matter. They might not take their relationship further, but throughout the manga, they continue to stay friends. His actual gender is unknown and I hope it's not revealed as it will probably ruin the mystery aspect and how Maki accepts him.

I reccomend you at least give it a try.


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