Saturday, 1 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 34 discussion

Episode 33 discussion can be viewed here

If they're showing signs of Hibito discovering the UFO, I'm hoping they go with it properly. In fact, the whole of Hibito's journey was too visit the moon to check for the UFO. He should properly do his job as an astronaut, but leaving to check on a sparkle wouldn't be so bad. The only thing is how special he is made out to be when only he noticed the first UFO and sparkle on the moon.

Silly Mutta, thinking luck exists for such simple things. If draining his luck is such a big deal, then he should just stay in his house till the astronaut exam results. Then he can hug Apo to absorb all the luck he needs and Serika can get jealous too. It's not like 6th prize is really worth anything. In my eyes, it's more unlucky because carrying the prize home is more troublesome compared to it's monetary value. I think he should have at least won third or second prize.

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