Friday, 7 December 2012

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 35 discussion

Episode 34 discussion can be viewed here

Yay Kenji. The backstory suggested he might not pass, but we have confirmation. I am happy to see him pass because he really does deserve it. He always presents himself well with a positive light and didn't change even in the closed box. He is perfect as a team leader and could very well lead the expedition to Mars or any other space exploration.

We get to learn more about Kenji and his back story. I didn't expect Kenji to be in such a dull job. The uniform seems restricting and makes everyone blend in with each other removing all individuality. Enjoying his job is good and research can be fun work, I enjoy using datasheets like Microsoft Excel for data analysis, but thinking about doing the same job for eight years sounds very demotivating. A strong but difficult dream like space works well to increase motivation.

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