Sunday, 16 December 2012

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 11 discussion

Episode 10 discussion can be viewed here

This episode answers the main questions I've had up until now. Before, it didn't explain why Hakaze thought the murderer was from the clan, but thanks to Junichirou, he explained how killing someone will prevent the magician from using magic unless they perform a special ritual to ask for forgiveness. So inspecting the crime scene revealed no trail to the killer which led Hakaze to believe a clan member was forgiven by the tree.

As it's not  a clan member the next logical answer is a magician favoured by a tree. They believe it's possible for a magician of Zetsuen to exist, but Genesis favouring a magician so that they aren't caught isn't out of the question. Another possibility is suicide which would probably be missed by Hakaze and I'm I guess Genesis ignores it too. No matter how many times I saw Aika's dead body, I always thought it was a little too artistic to be murder. Everything happens for a reason and if this is the case, I wonder what Aika's reason is.

The other question I had was about how magic was going to help Hakaze get off the island. I already knew her bones would be left there, but I couldn't get an understanding of how magic worked at that point. The latest understanding of magic was essentially defence and I kind of just ignored their communication. Instead of a voice and a doll, it becomes her flesh and the barrel which means destroying the barrel as I had previously thought turns out to be the wrong answer.

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