Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 15 discussion

Episode 13-14 discussion can be viewed here

Finally someone confronted Mahiro about his sister complex. Too bad it was Hanemura. I dislike his character, he's not like yoshino... Hanemura was on his way to destroy Genesis, but it's all to impress Yu. He'd be better to give up on her, it's not like they'll get back together. It seems like Hanemura really doesn't have to offer anything to perform for his magic. If anything, it would be his life span, but that's not a good idea considering the long lasting rivalry between both trees.

Samon and Mahiro had an interesting conversation. Finding out you could have saved the world if you had acted differently would be pretty cruel. It points out the mistakes or lack of actions you made and shows an easy way to change the outcome. Though finding out you could save the world after it's destruction is very different to before it's destruction. This is because every decision is based on every past event all the way back to the beginning of time. Therefore unless some devine being knew the end was coming and influenced your actions, even if you were attempting to save the world, it's not possible because of chaos theory. Ignorance is bliss.

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Tamako Market episode 3 discussion

Episode 2 discussion can be viewed here

I want to say Dera isn't really a bird, but the way he acts is kind of birdish. A robot would make sense because of the projector, but robots shouldn't have real emotions. He's attracted to Shiori so maybe he was a human who turned into a bird for being so obnoxious. It was kind of normal when he assumed the other girls fell in love with him, but when he falls in love with a human, he literally falls... Dera used the fall event too many times. Four times really was too much, but it led to more scenes with Shiori.

Shiori is a great addition to the main cast, danderes are always quiet and cute. Practicing to thank Tamako was really nice to watch. Now that she's past the introduction, she should be better at communicating with Tamako.

I'm not sure how a feather is suppose to be a sign of love, it's like giving someone some of your hair. While it could be romantic, I just think there are better ways to show your love. Well, it's best she didn't accept his feather. Accepting it would have caused a misunderstanding and Dera would probably have never given up. If he can change his personality and be nicer, I'm not against him being friends with Shiori and Tamako.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tamako Market episode 2 discussion

Episode 1 discussion can be viewed here

Tamako looks better with her hair down and with glasses, while princess Anko is best when sleeping.

I believe everyone should embrace holidays and market their products appropriately. This should maximise revenue and the customer gets what they want. There are certain expectations, at least in the UK, about holidays that promote spending. I'm sure Valentines Day boosts the sales of chocolate and the same with white chocolate on White Day. Mochi already sounds nice, but customising it to Valentines Day would make it even better.

Tamako's father originally choosing to stick with what he knows isn't bad, but the business would just miss out on the fun. He was reluctant and if he wasn't fully on board with his love-love heart mochi, it would make him more of a sell out and forcing himself to follow the trends. He's just embarrassed about heart mochi and Tamako's reaction is hilarious.

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Uchuu Kyoudai episode 40-41 discussion

Episode 39 discussion can be viewed here

I'm surprised by how easily Hibito can adapt to the situation and remain calm. Hibito is lucky to be alive and still be able to move freely. Damian is less fortunate and has pretty much accepted his death, but Hibito doesn't want to leave him to die despite his training telling him to. Even if Damian does end up dying, retrieving the body and returning it to Earth would be a significant action, but it all depends on the where they would actually want their body to be after death.

With Hibito's oxygen system damaged and only 86 minutes to live, his best option right now is to take Damian's oxygen tank. Hibito has the highest chance of survival and even if Damian manages to get into the sunlight to warm up, there is still the chance he will still die. I'm unsure what Hibito is trying to do. At the moment he's likely to die along with Damian, but I don't think Hibito's actions will be wasted because of the nature of the series.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 13-14 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

Recap episodes are pointless for regular watchers. It's not like I've been watching it for the last 12 weeks, but I liked the way they did it. It both recapped the series and explained what Genesis was doing against Zetsuen. They did mention Genesis absorbing all the people affected by iron syndrome in episode 12, but that was easily missed and explaining it does tie up loose ends. Mahiro dreaming was an interesting way to do the episode and including themselves as children wasn't bad either.

After everything Genesis has done for the world, Samon had the wrong idea. It didn't destroy civilisation as he thought it would and it's certainly not the enemy of mankind. Sure enough, Genesis killed countless evil people and removed the iron syndrome victims, but it's left good people and revitalised the Earth. This removed war because everyone who thought about war is no longer around and there's enough food to make war obsolete. I think it might also because of fear, worship and control.

I was wondering what the offering to Zetsuen was, but it appears that Hanemura doesn't have to do anything. I want to know more about his abilities, but for now he has the gears and a shield. While he doesn't have the mind capable of committing murder, I believe anyone is willing to fight back if backed into a corner. He completely destroyed Hakaze's arm, by accident, but it saved him from making the battle even longer. I can't see Aika making someone hate her enough to kill her and we don't even know if Hanemura has a motive or alibi for the murder case.

As for Yoshino being the mage of Zetsuen, it seems impossible for me. All throughout the series we've heard his thoughts and seen flashbacks to suggest he was just an innocent boy in love. I disagree with Samon when he thinks Yoshino doesn't hesitate to sacrifice others to pursue his goals. When he was helping Hakaze, his plan was to save everyone and prevent a tragedy, but the short fight with the stun grenades does show how he shortly left Mahiro to focus on Hakaze. Hanemura was verified by Hakaze as mage of Zetsuen so it's less likely for Yoshino, but it's not impossible for there to be two chosen mages.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tamako Market episode 1 discussion

First things first, I hate the bird. Dera is annoying and obnoxious. He selfishly acts on his own and makes Anko cry, but that's more her fault because of her childish nature. Tamako however seems pretty much unfazed by everything he does. Dera needs to quickly lose the high and mighty attitude before I can even think of liking him, but even if he is just a perverted bird, he's only doing this because he cares about his prince. That's still no excuse for causing everyone trouble. He doesn't deserve Tamako's love and affection.

Other than the bird, I really enjoyed the episode. The premise is simple for now. Dera is looking for a bride for his prince and Tamako is the main candidate. It's more like an arranged marriage as Tamako shouldn't have any interest in a boy she knows nothing about even if he is really kind. I wonder why he's going to such great lengths to get a bride when there would be  plenty of girls available. Maybe to prevent a forced marriage or something like that.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Amnesia episode 1 discussion

When I've seen memory loss in other series, personality has remained because of their subconscious. The heroine seems pretty quiet and that might be the cause for her having no real personality. I've only played a few visual novels, but the main characters had stronger personalities making them interesting to play as. They were intelligent so their inner thoughts were interesting to read. Here she seems submissive going along with the flow because Orion asked her to. It's only the first episode and she knows absolutely nothing, but I hope to see her improve as the series progresses. At the very least she needs a name as being called "you" by people close to you is strange.

The cause of memory loss is usually by mental or physical trauma. The idea of Orion of simply bumping into her soul doesn't work for me. Losing her memories to a point of ceasing to function sounds far worse. Anything required for survival like breathing is a reflex. If we didn't have reflexes, we would have struggled as a species. I will acknowledge how revisiting situations you have already been in would be the best way to remember because memories are caused by creating relationships. It'll be good to see how the series progresses.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 39 discussion

Episode 38 discussion can be viewed here

Everyone's first day turns out to be like any other. A motivational induction proving all the help they can and then onto the extremely dull lectures. I've had my fair share of boring lectures, but they're very necessary for when I finish my course. I thought JAXA would understand how to teach enthusiastically, but even they seem to have boring lecturers and seemingly pointless information. After all, when I've listened to someone talk about something they love, I'm far more interested than if they talked about something they hate. The only problem is that some things are vital to know, but can't be taught in a better way than it is currently. At least Kenji is paying attention.

Apparently Damian didn't pay attention in these lectures or drivers education. After the first close call, I expected him to watch out much more carefully. I'm only disappointed the accident is due to negligence instead of the first possibility of being genuinely an accident. I'm pretty sure they won't die if a search party is arranged quickly. I hope Hibito doesn't die.

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Kokoro Connect episode 14-17 discussion

Episode 13 discussion can be viewed here

So this time around it's telepathy. Similar to when their deepest desires were unleashed, this time around, their darkest secrets get revealed. Again, it's based on the current situation with the telepathy revealing what the character is really thinking at that time. Getting kissed on the cheek by your cute sister calls for celebration. However, unlike their desires, at times they willed their thoughts to be sent to others. At this point, Heartseed's claim that the events are random is probably wrong. It might have been random, but probability supports Heartseed interfering. While the characters obviously haven't noticed, Heartseed is there to help them though each of the phenomenon and so leaving it to random events does not sound like the smartest option.

Iori takes telepathy the hardest because she fears her true character will be revealed. I'm surprised how well she could keep her thoughts as protective as she did. I expected her to think about her true thoughts at least once, but that would have been too simple. Before this arc, I saw Iori's character as someone who wanted to find her true self, but she shows her true self as a cold person trying to avoid troublesome situations. Even if she believes herself to be so different beyond help, she still acts pretty normal. The cold personality is when she gave up on acting the good girl and being so determined to avenge or help others because of her own actions might be some form of kindness.

I'm not completely sure what Iori actually desires. At the very least she wants to live even if it's a simple life. I believe her love for Taichi was a part of her personality she created in a similar way to how she changed for each of her fathers. I see it as a way to get a long with Taichi. I can't be sure if she really did feel love for him, but Taichi falling in love with a fake version of Iori would turn out worse for him given how she can change how she acts at any time. Choosing to date Inaba instead of Iori no longer feels like she's his second choice. Instead it's more like she managed to win first place.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

1 Year Anniversary

Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari

One year has passed since I started reviewing a few seasonal anime each week.

My writing style is different from when I first started. In the beginning, it really was more of a summary while now I'm more to the point in writing my opinions and actually writing less. I occasionally write more when I really enjoyed the episode and have more to talk about. I'll see how my writing style is next year if I'm still doing this.

Although I won't write about all the anime I watch. I'll sometimes use twitter and usually comment on other blogs. I would talk about my fascination with hentai, but that's mainly sex with a simplistic story. Eroge turns out to be far better like Wanko to Kurasou which had some really emotional moments and I was more than satisfied with the ending.

There are a total of 187 posts with a total of 42500 views. I have 2 posts where I answered questions about myself and my interests in anime. I recently updated the 50 questions to be more up to date.
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Now I'll thank regular and occasional commenters from the past and present.

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