Friday, 4 January 2013

Kokoro Connect episode 14-17 discussion

Episode 13 discussion can be viewed here

So this time around it's telepathy. Similar to when their deepest desires were unleashed, this time around, their darkest secrets get revealed. Again, it's based on the current situation with the telepathy revealing what the character is really thinking at that time. Getting kissed on the cheek by your cute sister calls for celebration. However, unlike their desires, at times they willed their thoughts to be sent to others. At this point, Heartseed's claim that the events are random is probably wrong. It might have been random, but probability supports Heartseed interfering. While the characters obviously haven't noticed, Heartseed is there to help them though each of the phenomenon and so leaving it to random events does not sound like the smartest option.

Iori takes telepathy the hardest because she fears her true character will be revealed. I'm surprised how well she could keep her thoughts as protective as she did. I expected her to think about her true thoughts at least once, but that would have been too simple. Before this arc, I saw Iori's character as someone who wanted to find her true self, but she shows her true self as a cold person trying to avoid troublesome situations. Even if she believes herself to be so different beyond help, she still acts pretty normal. The cold personality is when she gave up on acting the good girl and being so determined to avenge or help others because of her own actions might be some form of kindness.

I'm not completely sure what Iori actually desires. At the very least she wants to live even if it's a simple life. I believe her love for Taichi was a part of her personality she created in a similar way to how she changed for each of her fathers. I see it as a way to get a long with Taichi. I can't be sure if she really did feel love for him, but Taichi falling in love with a fake version of Iori would turn out worse for him given how she can change how she acts at any time. Choosing to date Inaba instead of Iori no longer feels like she's his second choice. Instead it's more like she managed to win first place.

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bIuecrimson said... [reply]

I see Iori as a character similar to Yozo from No Longer Human. He always felt alienated from the rest of the world so he acted the fool to seem normal. Their fears of being revealed are the same, but they hide themselves in slightly different ways.

Anonymous said... [reply]

The end? Or maybe it's the beginning? So many novels are left to be adapted...ç__ç

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

It's the end of this arc.

I have low hopes to seeing the rest animated. It's a great series, but cotroversy is the only problem.

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