Thursday, 10 January 2013

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 39 discussion

Episode 38 discussion can be viewed here

Everyone's first day turns out to be like any other. A motivational induction proving all the help they can and then onto the extremely dull lectures. I've had my fair share of boring lectures, but they're very necessary for when I finish my course. I thought JAXA would understand how to teach enthusiastically, but even they seem to have boring lecturers and seemingly pointless information. After all, when I've listened to someone talk about something they love, I'm far more interested than if they talked about something they hate. The only problem is that some things are vital to know, but can't be taught in a better way than it is currently. At least Kenji is paying attention.

Apparently Damian didn't pay attention in these lectures or drivers education. After the first close call, I expected him to watch out much more carefully. I'm only disappointed the accident is due to negligence instead of the first possibility of being genuinely an accident. I'm pretty sure they won't die if a search party is arranged quickly. I hope Hibito doesn't die.

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