Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Uchuu Kyoudai episode 40-41 discussion

Episode 39 discussion can be viewed here

I'm surprised by how easily Hibito can adapt to the situation and remain calm. Hibito is lucky to be alive and still be able to move freely. Damian is less fortunate and has pretty much accepted his death, but Hibito doesn't want to leave him to die despite his training telling him to. Even if Damian does end up dying, retrieving the body and returning it to Earth would be a significant action, but it all depends on the where they would actually want their body to be after death.

With Hibito's oxygen system damaged and only 86 minutes to live, his best option right now is to take Damian's oxygen tank. Hibito has the highest chance of survival and even if Damian manages to get into the sunlight to warm up, there is still the chance he will still die. I'm unsure what Hibito is trying to do. At the moment he's likely to die along with Damian, but I don't think Hibito's actions will be wasted because of the nature of the series.

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-blacksheep said... [reply]

despite the impossible circumstances, I'm still betting that Hibito won't die since he's main character. As of now, I want to know what miracle they'll pull off in here so that Hibito will live.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

Plot armour is strong.

I don't know what they'll do, but I expect something big to happen.

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