Friday, 18 January 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 13-14 discussion

Episode 12 discussion can be viewed here

Recap episodes are pointless for regular watchers. It's not like I've been watching it for the last 12 weeks, but I liked the way they did it. It both recapped the series and explained what Genesis was doing against Zetsuen. They did mention Genesis absorbing all the people affected by iron syndrome in episode 12, but that was easily missed and explaining it does tie up loose ends. Mahiro dreaming was an interesting way to do the episode and including themselves as children wasn't bad either.

After everything Genesis has done for the world, Samon had the wrong idea. It didn't destroy civilisation as he thought it would and it's certainly not the enemy of mankind. Sure enough, Genesis killed countless evil people and removed the iron syndrome victims, but it's left good people and revitalised the Earth. This removed war because everyone who thought about war is no longer around and there's enough food to make war obsolete. I think it might also because of fear, worship and control.

I was wondering what the offering to Zetsuen was, but it appears that Hanemura doesn't have to do anything. I want to know more about his abilities, but for now he has the gears and a shield. While he doesn't have the mind capable of committing murder, I believe anyone is willing to fight back if backed into a corner. He completely destroyed Hakaze's arm, by accident, but it saved him from making the battle even longer. I can't see Aika making someone hate her enough to kill her and we don't even know if Hanemura has a motive or alibi for the murder case.

As for Yoshino being the mage of Zetsuen, it seems impossible for me. All throughout the series we've heard his thoughts and seen flashbacks to suggest he was just an innocent boy in love. I disagree with Samon when he thinks Yoshino doesn't hesitate to sacrifice others to pursue his goals. When he was helping Hakaze, his plan was to save everyone and prevent a tragedy, but the short fight with the stun grenades does show how he shortly left Mahiro to focus on Hakaze. Hanemura was verified by Hakaze as mage of Zetsuen so it's less likely for Yoshino, but it's not impossible for there to be two chosen mages.

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