Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tamako Market episode 7 discussion

Episode 6 discussion can be viewed here

Choi is best suited to be the prince's bride. It is easier to get along with people from the same culture because we share interests. She will know him best and she obviously has feelings for him. Marrying someone you don't really know isn't the best idea. While arranged marriages can work out for the better, choosing someone you love is easily the best choice. The prince might have learnt about Tamako through Dera's eyes, but her knowledge about him is still minimal. I would like to see her travel to see the prince before the end of the series.

Choi's fortune telling turned out to be very useful but also kinda useless when she doesn't check her own situation with Tamako. It's probably because Dera is broken but still influential in her decisions. She's too innocent. While the white demon and Wrath of the Earth are designed for comedy and don't really help anyone, the ability to foresee the love lives may have helped Tomio accept his fate. Negative fortunes are only useful if you get advice to improve the upcoming situation, but Tomio always has the opportunity to create the future he desires. I'd like to know what kind of future she sees for Tamako. Even a short term reading could help define the future.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 18 discussion

Episode 17 discussion can be viewed here

As expected, Hakaze wants to destroy Genesis for the hand it played in Aika's death. Though none of this is really verified as Hakaze is jumping to conclusions. Instead of choosing to destroy it directly, she chose to control it using Genesis' favour or to destroy it if it doesn't obey her will. In both situations, Hakaze is being selfish on a groundless basis and destroying Genesis certainly won't be its will.

It becomes more difficult to figure out whether Yoshino really is the mage of Zetuen. His emotional outburst suggests he is just a regular person and his emotions show him to be the victim, but he doesn't seem to discourage Hakaze from destroying Genesis if he even knows about it. His actions and thoughts have always seemed normal in every situation he's been in, but everything has played out in favour for Zetsuen. It's now 50% likely for Yoshino to be the mage of Zetsuen. If Yoshino isn't Aika's killer, she most likely killed herself. Because of how well the series of events have played out, Aika being the the mage of Zetsuen will mean she brought everything to the current events as Zetsuen's will or, more likely, to fight her fate as Hakaze has chosen to fight Genesis.

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tamako Market episode 6 discussion

Episode 5 discussion can be viewed here

The mysteries were normal and it's good to see at least Shiori is thinking logically, but the adults were over reacting. It might be because they desire some supernatural answer, but giving shrine like items to Tamako isn't going to help. Wet footprints is the easiest to explain when the owner runs a bath house. I want to assume the cats stole the noodles and that's why he didn't realise the missing portion, but that's unlikely. I guess it's strange for flowers to bloom quickly, but they were already near full bloom anyway, taking them out of the cold quickened the process. I guessed Dera helped with the fire, but I had to wait till after it was explained to be sure.

Tamako misses the point of haunted houses. The haunted house wasn't scary, it was more cute especially with Tamako. It's great she's having fun, but she isn't suited to be a ghost trying to curse others. The atmosphere is helpful and grabbing his hand worked really well, but the smile and happy tone are so out of place. Kanna and Midori however played they're roles really well. Where the adults failed, the girls succeeded with ease. A fun, not scary, haunted house attracted customers to the district and boosted sales. Well done Tamako.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 17 discussion

Episode 16 discussion can be viewed here

The meeting to find out Yoshino's girlfriend was questionable. They were trying so hard to avoid Aika as the answer when she was the only girl in the equation. The random girls they thought of were clearly their own tastes or trying to make Yoshino look worse than he actually is. It's expected that Mahiro wouldn't think about Aika because of how well they hid the truth. Hanemura did well to work out the real girlfriend but everyone else was just playing around even if they did act surprised to the answer. I preferred Yoshino's confession, it'll put Hakaze's mind at ease for now.

I still don't think Yoshino is the mage of Zetsuen, but now Hakaze knows about Aika, she's bound to take action for revenge. As Samon suggested, she may take action to destroy Genesis. It would be reckless, but she has her promise to Mahiro. At this point I can't be sure whether Yoshino really is the Mage of Zetsuen as his thoughts don't completely fit. It will all depend whether he encourages Hakaze or chooses to stop her. Hanemura certainly won't be the culprit and I'm almost certain it won't be Yoshino. I go back to my theory of Aika killing herself.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tamako Market episode 5 discussion

Episode 4 discussion can be viewed here

I would have preferred Midori if she wasn't made out to be so selfish. While she's a good friend and might have good intentions to keep Mochizou from dating Tamako, it's unlikely and I can't think of those good intentions. She hasn't confessed yet, or if she has, she was misunderstood like when they were in the ocean so. Both of them have the same opportunity for Tamako except that Midori has the ability to be close to Tamako under the pretense of friendship.

I thought they'd become rivals in love, but instead they became mutual rivals. I don't understand why Mochizou said he wouldn't confess. Even if Tamako is oblivious to love, it's not like he should just give up. I am happy Midori got over her selfishness and encouraged him to confess, but this is clearly because of guilt or giving him a fair chance. Well, right now neither of them seem to have the intention of making a move. I don't mind which of them confesses as neither Midori nor Mochizou interest me. I'm more focused on Kanna and Shiori. I do at least hope to see one or both confess and see the developments from there.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 16 discussion

Episode 15 discussion can be viewed here

Hakaze is great as one of the stronger female main characters in anime, but she's also cute when embarrassed. Harmless teasing is fun and as long as Hakaze doesn't feel pressured into using her devine protection, everyone should be fine. She might get over her feelings for Yoshino when she finds out who Yoshino's girlfriend is, but knowing how evil Aika is, I think she'd only try harder.

Even though Yoshino's actions made Hakaze use magic, I still don't think he's the mage of Zetsuen. His actions are always normal for his character. Anything even remotely suspicious will be related to their theory. They're blinded by their bias, but I'm really no different. Saving Sana might be reckless when he can't use magic, but saving a cute girl in distress is one of his good traits and we can always blame special effects for the magic.

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tamako Market episode 4 discussion

Episode 3 discussion can be viewed here

Anko is cute, but she's very childish at times. Although she was selfishly trying to get her way, she did fulfil her duties as a mochi maker's daughter. Or it seems more like she was taking the easy jobs stating she wasn't good enough to be relied on. I'm happy she didn't go with her friends in the end. While it probably wouldn't have made a big difference, having her calm down a girl in the princess role similar to how she was in the past, shows how mature she really is. Everything worked out well even though she didn't go with her friends. I only hope to see less of her childish side and more of her mature side.

I was wondering which of the boys Anko really liked. Kyoto Animation was trying hard to make it out to be the cool boy instead of the kind boy, but without confirmation, I was unsure with each event. In the end, I was right to be suspicious since it turned out to be the kind boy as I half expected.

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