Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Zetsuen no Tempest episode 16 discussion

Episode 15 discussion can be viewed here

Hakaze is great as one of the stronger female main characters in anime, but she's also cute when embarrassed. Harmless teasing is fun and as long as Hakaze doesn't feel pressured into using her devine protection, everyone should be fine. She might get over her feelings for Yoshino when she finds out who Yoshino's girlfriend is, but knowing how evil Aika is, I think she'd only try harder.

Even though Yoshino's actions made Hakaze use magic, I still don't think he's the mage of Zetsuen. His actions are always normal for his character. Anything even remotely suspicious will be related to their theory. They're blinded by their bias, but I'm really no different. Saving Sana might be reckless when he can't use magic, but saving a cute girl in distress is one of his good traits and we can always blame special effects for the magic.

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