Sunday, 7 April 2013

Aku no Hana episode 1 discussion

I haven't read the manga so I didn't have any idea of what to expect. After this, I'll more than likely check out the manga for the art, but I don't plan to drop the anime just because of that one disappointment. I am interested to see how well the sales do, but I don't have high hopes for them.

The rotoscoping is clearly cheap and ugly, but I believe the mangaka wanted this. It's not like an anime studio just creates an adaption without consulting the original creator. Most people watching this anime will immediately think the art and voice acting are bad, but in this way it creates an interesting impression. Even if the main response is hate, I expect it to be talked about because it's unique and stands out as a more realistic interpretation instead of the normal anime style.

Art doesn't always have to be beautiful.

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-blacksheep said... [reply]

is the art really that bad? I haven't watch it yet but maybe I'll do that a little later. I've been seeing mixed emotions about the rotoscoping idea.

♥EcchiCatgirl♥ said... [reply]

I think it's ugly. I guess the best way to explain is the uncanny valley. When they traced over the live action, it became more like a failure at being human.

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