Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Anime Winter 2014 Opinions


I had prior knowledge going into this anime. I was told it was a generic harem and I can't disagree, but I think Shaft saved the series for me. Like many of the other shaft series, the animation and quirks stand out over many other anime. The romance is nothing special as I've seen it all before. The part that really interests me is the girl from the past. I want to know which girl it is and whether she'll even be chosen in the end. I'm hopeful that they don't choose the harem ending, but as the manga is still ongoing, I can't imagine the anime finishing either.

Sakura Trick

I usually don't like most fanservice anime, but this one was pretty good. It's a yuri anime with a lot of physical romance. Where I find fanservice mostly tasteless, Sakura Trick offers something more real like a first love. The amount of fanservice seems just right and is presented in a way that I can really enjoy. I now want to find another anime that are as bold as Sakura Trick.

Super Sonico The Animation

I only liked a few of the episodes in this series and overall, it was ok. How Sonico got her guitar, Sonico's travels and the episode focused on cats. They seemed to be the ones most focused on character development and exploration while the others tried some kind of comedic quirk that I didn't really like. The flashback developed Sonico's quiet nature. The travelling episode had Sonico meet many people while having interesting experiences in general. The cats episode was really cute and telling a story with only "meows" was wonderful.

Tonari no Seki-kun

This series is pure genius. It's basically Kana Hanazawa's inner monologue while Seki-kun does something crazy. He doesn't need to talk and he expresses himself through facial expressions and some noises. The imagination and creativity that goes into each episode is absolutely perfect. Assuming you haven't watched it, I don't want to spoil any of the episodes because they each have their own mini twist and I think it would be best to go in blind. I highly recommend it.

Wake up, Girls!

I think I would have preferred this if it was a stand alone movie. It began with how the girls came together and then ended with their first song (Tachiagare!). The movie is required for the anime as it continues where it left off. After watching the series, it seemed so different than what the movie had portrayed. The move seemed more about them having fun while the series became more serious which wasn't really a surprise as drama is a common theme, but it just didn't go over that well.

The songs were excellent except for the last song. I enjoyed it when I heard it as the opening, but it had no impact because it was the same song. First-Rate Smile was so full of energy, but I don't think they were suited to that kind of song.