Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Anime Spring 2014 Opinions

Black Bullet

I was pretty bored when watching the most of the episodes. It wasn't interesting and I didn't care for the action scenes. I was however presently surprised with the introduction of the loli harem. It's the only worthwhile addition for me, but this was quickly discarded to give the main characters some emotional baggage. I found the setting to be unrealistic from the first episode. The weakness of the Gastrea is known to be veranium which forms the black bullets, but this is unknown or kept secret from the general public and police.

Isshuukan Friends

I get the same feeling from Isshuukan Friends as I get from Usagi Drop. The art style is the main reason as it is light in design and immediately presents the anime as a heartwarming series. It's a slice of life about making friends with a girl who loses her memory at the end of every week. Hase is very sincere about becoming friends and Fujimiya is an ideal person to make friends with. It was fun to watch the interactions between characters in a similar way to 50 First Dates.

Mekaku City Actors

The story is overly complicated and very confusing. By the end, I think I understood the main premise of the plot, but I didn't care for the ending because I disliked many of the previous episodes. Most of the characters weren't developed very well other than the ones that got a flashback or episode dedicated to them. Ene was one of these characters, but I'm also biased because I like her voice actor, Kana Asumi. It would have been better to focus more on making the plot as accessible and as easy to understand as possible. I think of Mekaku City Actors as a poorly executed Monogatari.

No Game No Life

It was very overhyped and is over rated probably because it's designed to be intense. The reason to watch NGNL are the psychological mind games and how Sora and Shiro will come out on top. All of the games have a very simple concept on paper, but is executed in such an interesting way.

The main characters are overpowered, or over intelligent, and they never lost a game. I think it leads to a lack of character development and the game's end is decided long before they have even started playing. It means that the entertainment comes from the games themselves, but I felt like the twists were very random and not something that I could have predicted.

Soul Eater Not

As a slice of life, the series was very enjoyable. It features, Meme and Anya, two meisters trying to decide who will become the partner of the weapon, Tsugumi. There is quite a bit of yuri subtext which delivers in the final episode, otherwise it's a normal slice of life. It is very different to the original Soul Eater and some characters make cameo appearances quite often.

The final battle was the weakest part of the series. The problem was how Shaula was so weak when it counted most. Usually it's an evenly matched fight until the hero somehow overcomes it. I only accept the outcome because I think Meme was still under the mind control and could track Shaula's location and movements, and soul resonance only helped there case. It doesn't make up for the final battle, but it wasn't really an action anime anyway.