Sunday, 2 November 2014

Anime Summer 2014 Opinions


This is the type of anime that removes the main character from the comforts of their home and places them into a new and unknown environment. Handa's calligraphy became stale from the pressures of the city environment, and was forced into the countryside as punishment after lashing out violently because he was told his work was dull and conformist. The local people are very charming and welcoming, especially Naru. She is the main influence that brings out the best in Handa new work throughout the series. His experiences have a direct impact on the his style and it's great to see him succeed.

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.

I usually enjoy anime about idols solely for the music they bring. The problem is that the idols always stand above their fans and it lacks a true sense of loving them as individuals. Locodol, or local idol, has the sense of community that other idol anime do not have. The song for Uogokoro-kun is simple but still captures the hearts of the locals. Even their final song being more idol-like is a perfect representation of who they are and what they've achieved in the short time they've been locodols. The only minor let down is that there are only three songs.


It's interesting as far as the supernatural elements and future fragments go, but it just falls flat when it comes to the characters. They were bland and uninteresting when they should have been the central focus of the series. The slow-paced plot progression is either from forced drama, or it's from the future fragments and the mystery behind what they actually are. The latter is more interesting, but it's not enough to save the series. I don't recommend watching it, but if you find yourself wanting to know more about the future fragments after the first few episodes, then go ahead.

Tokyo Ghoul

The main theme early on is the distinction of being human. Kaneki becomes a ghoul because of an accident and is forced to live as a monster in human skin. Ghouls are incapable of eating human food and can only live by eating humans so it leads to discrimination even for the ghouls who want to live as part of society. It brings light to both sides of his new life and shows the ghouls are more than just monsters. The series seems rushed at times and the anime is unfinished, however there is a second season coming soon.


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